Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My first post- Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish with Turmeric and Sandalwood

Hi, This is my first review and I am excited and nervous and worried.. :) So here goes nothing...

I found Auravedic products on sale in 99labels and decided to try out after seeing some nice reviews of their products. Also words like "Herbal"," no animal testing" was enough to tempt me.

About the company [from the jar cover]: Marketed by Pure botanicas, mihir A.D.Marg, Juhu, Mumbai-49. Manufactured by Gayatri Herbals Pvt Ltd, 10-12 Palladium Industrial Estate Bldg, 72/73 Genesis Township, Kolgaon, Palghat Dist-thane.  Contact id: info@auravedic.com

This is the Auravedic website: http://www.auravedic.com/products/sandal-turmeric-skin-polish. It says no parabens, SLS, harmful chemicals and colors. This is how the product looks like:
Auravedic Skin Polish with Sandal wood and Turmeric

Auravedic Skin Polish with Sandal wood and Turmeric
Its a normal fibre-plastic kinda jar with a rather cheap looking lid and wrapping..somehow i am used to seeing herbal products having an aesthic appeal in their wrapping like cute-printed covers etc etc..so this is a minor disappointment..It also has a whitish plastic lid inside the cap which prevents any spill overs.

What it claims: Pure Lightening Skin Polish with Sandal and Turmeric, For a glowing and even skin tone. Pure Skin food

Product details: INR 300 for 100gms.
Shelf Life is 2years.

Back cover- Auravedic polisher
Back cover- Auravedic polisher
What is written on the back cover:
"This advanced formulation is enriched with pure plant extracts to help even tone, while refining and softening skin. And its gentle enough for sensitive skin. Ideal for combination/normal-to-dry, sun damaged and uneven skin tone, discoloration and dark spots.
Usage: Scoop on to fingertips and gently massage over clean, damp skin using circular motion. Leave polish on skin for a minute before rinsing off.
No artificial colours or chemicals. Not tested on animals. Keep out of eyes.
Ingredients: Kokum butter, mango butter, beeswax, red sandal extract, turmeric extract, jojoba beads, sunflower oil, olivem 1000, oliwax, polymer granules, sandalwood fragrance, purified water, phenoxyethanol."

Auravedic skin polish
Auravedic skin polish
Okay, i see all these words like polisher, exfoliator, dermabrasion and i think, "okay, that is a fancy name for a scrub!".. I may be wrong here but I guess companies need their marketing language.. Anyways to the product:

Auravedic Skin food polish
Auravedic Skin food polish
First, the smell..it smells strong but kinda good..i like it..it smells partly of sandalwood and partly of something else herbal which i cannot detect.. it remains on skin for sometime but it doesnt bother me as its a mildly sweet sandalwood scent.
Next the feel of the product.. it has 2 type of butters plus beeswax..so its veryyyyy creamy..the granules are tiny and doesnt hurt skin.. i dont feel "scrubbed" so much when i massage this over face.. but it does leave my face soft, moisturized and glowing.. YAY!!!!  I have added this as part of my night-regime after cleansing for the last one week. I dont use a moisturizer after this. It doesnt need much quantity to use it for a single wash, so i think this will stay for some time.
Auravedic also provides international shipping on demand i believe.
So finally:
Why i love this:
  • Nice scrub for sensitive skin, leaves skin clean and fresh
  • no need to use moisturiser
  • Does impart a glow
  • Love the smell
  • Natural ingredients-luv that list!

What i hate:
  • Tacky packaging! honestly they could do better!
  • Smell is a tad strong for sensitive noses.
  • I have not seen any lightening effect so far, except a nice glow after wash, but may be in long term smthing myt show

Will i buy again? hmmm... may be when this finishes [around 2012 no doubt] and if i dont find a more interesting one..

Why am i here! Oh yes, cos i’m crazy about makeup & beauty stuff

Well, the title says all.. I follow so many beauty blogs and i buy even a soap after checking so many reviews..
So it was not not long before the “blog-bug” bit me. I think when some one starts to dream about buying makeup and yummy lippies, then its time to push their thoughts out! I am just going to start posting all i know and love about making gals and guys [yes, i can cos i have a brother who looks at mirror 25 times a day and asks me 1001 qns on beauty products and a husband who looks at any reflective surface and smiles at self]..
You are all welcome to post comments [no screaming pls] :)
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