Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Colors: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Demure

Revlon's Super Lustrous range is as iconic as the brand itself; recently Revlon launched their Legacy Collection which I hope, will hit the Canadian shores soon.

Since I already reviewed the range here in my post on Ginger Rose , I am going to just talk about this lipstick. Also, I doubt if Revlon really needs my thumbs up to sell this line of lipsticks!

About the product: Demure was launched as part of Revlon's Fire & Ice collection, I think in 2010 and is now in their permanent line. Price is around $9-10CAD which changes with Retailer and any promotions.

My Experience: 

Have you ever lusted after something you couldn't really use but so so really wished you could? [Keep it clean ladies, I am talking of Makeup :)] Well, for me this lipstick if one of my major love-to-but-cant-have makeup beauties.

I would love to rock a peachy nude lip color - I just cant. Unless I go for a flawless look with contouring & highlighting, I just look washed out & weird, instead of the chic look this lipstick can so easily give to ladies with the right complexion-skin-tone-mix. This color would suit most skin tones, but ladies like myself with uneven skin tone especially darkness around mouth or chin, should be wary of using this color.

Demure is a peachy nude [yawn, sorry to repeat it again!] - not the pinky peach that is pretty common- but a true peachy shade with hints of orangey coral that applies on lips with a frosty satin  finish - not gaudy or anything; very summery.

Like all SL lippies, Demure glides on pretty well and applies a sheer-to-medium coverage in 1 swipe. If you are lucky to have non-pigmented lips, or is interested enough to take the trouble of neutralizing your natural lipcolor, this would be a great color for a nice Spring/Summer day.

I don't know why, but this color reminds me of a lazy day at beach. IMHO, this color goes well with a neutral eye/coral blush & golden highlight look.

One beautiful aspect about this lipstick is, it stays true to the color- on my lips it comes across as the same color it is in swatches and in tube.

However, my lip pigmentation peeks through, so on the rare occasions I get enough time to prep self, I apply a concealer [though not in this pic]. If you dislike applying concealers, get the lightest nude shade to mask your lip pigmentation or use a white lipstick like Snow Queen from Portland Black Lipstick company.

Overall: If you can rock this color, you are lucky. Go grab it!
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