Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review-Diana Of London Surprise Lipstick In Shade Rose Petal 28

This is a quickie post since I'm posting using my mobile and its not that comfy... The reason for hasty post is that I just found that this lippie is not yet reviewed and was about to be thrown out as it expiry date is crossed..

This lipstick is from DoL's Semi Matte Surprise range-though why they call it 'Surprise' lipstick I've no idea. One thing I love about DoL's lipsticks is that they have such cute lovely packaging-this one has a nice lilac color casing that catches the eye.

Comparing the lipstick's claims against what it delivers:
1.Non fading, Non Allergenic- Can't really say if its non allergenic since my skin is fairly rough n tough but the color is non fading-superbly pigmented rich creamy lipstick. There is a chance that part of the reason might be the bold color-its a gorgeous reddish maroonish brownish color that defines lips and is a great classic lip shade that works for all skin shades.

2.Protects lips from blazing sun, dry heat and freezing winds-surprisingly I got a chance to test all 3 conditions as I tried this first in hot summer in India and now in the harsh winter here- and this is nonsense in my view. It doesn't have any SPF so can't claim about protecting from Summer or any sun damage; it's not moisturizing and dries my lips (and I've fairly normal skin) so can't claim it protects from cold or dryness.

3. Soft creamy texture, Semi matte, best shades, keeps lips soft and supple- Except for the last claim,i.e. keeping lips soft, everything else is true. This is a creamy matte effect color that stays easily for around 4 hours on just a single layer application and leaves a nice stain on lips when it fades. It is not moisturizing so make sure to either use a lip balm or a good gloss.

This is a favorite lip color and if I were in India I would have tried other shades from this range. Though drying, this lip color applies beautifully and doesn't require much touchups, so it's very good for office wear.

The color is a bit mature shade but layering it can give a very sophisticated look without giving an oldy moldy look. This is an anytime wear shade and is one of the safe shade lipsticks that you can reach out if in doubt.
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