Tuesday, September 09, 2014

What Not To Buy: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Lemon

Disclaimer: This is not a review for all the Real Nature Masks from The Face shop, just for this one bugger in Lemon

Okay, not wasting your time.

What TFS says: 
This mask claims it "brightens dull skin tones, while maintaining its translucence[whatt???] "

What I expected after translating the claim to normal human experience: 
This mask will provide some brightening glow-y effect plus some hydration.

Other expectations: While I don't expect this to give me the results of a full oxygen facial, I wanted the effects to last for at least a day. Not unreasonable right?

What was actually delivered: 
Nothing except some hydration for 4-5 hours.
No brightening, no glow, nothing!

Other comments:
Using the mask was easy, worked like any normal cloth mask.
I left it on for 20-25 mins and once I removed the mask, I applied the essence as directed.

If you're just buying this for the sake of using a hydrating mask, I would say - please go and try the Ginseng mask cos its much more effective.
Its not that this mask will break your bank, cos its just $2.. Its that, for $2, you can easily get better masks..so why waste that $2?
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