Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Diana of London Pure Addiction lipstick in shade Pink Dawn

When I was a teenager, the only makeup brand[s?] available or about which there was some information was Lakme, Revlon was high-end and if you are looking for other options, some shady brands in cheap plastic packaging...Now my cousins debate over which brand product is more good in terms of lip color payoff and I must say, I am lovin it.. !!! :)

Enough of nostalgia; about Diana of London - I have couple of lip products from them- 2 lipsticks and a lipcream. I have no like for the lip cream but I do like their lipsticks very much. DoL is a brand which is a bit confusing especially if you check their website - I mean, whats with Diana and London, when the company Maxcare is supposedly based in Dubai or Pakistan [I dont know exactly where!]. Also, I find it kinda bugging that no contact details are given anywhere in the website- hmmmm.... One good thing I got from website is that they apparently dont test on animals - yaaayy!!!

About the product- Let me start by saying this : DoL folks, KUDOS for the awesome packaging! Seriously! I absolutely like the fact that they got the idea that we ladies would like some color other than black or brown or even silver. The carton [sorry I dont have it here] is designed in the same color theme as the lipstick casing - a red/silver combo that is beautiful.I have only 2 complaints regarding the packaging -
1. No expiry date     2. No shade details

Regarding the product, this is what the company says -
" Its ultra soft texture provides feeling of lightness & absolute comfort. 
  Luminous & excellent color patoff. 
  Velvety finish with vitamin E & anti-ageing properties.
  For a perfect finish, outline your lips with a lip liner selecting a shade similar to the lipstick shade chosen, and fill in with Pure Addiction lipstick."

 And yes, the misprint "patoff" is also displayed proudly in the company website as well... :) Some one tell them about the invention called Spell Check!

Its easier to measure a lipstick by checking if it delivers on the promise- after all, you cannot rate a lippie bad for color-stay when the product doesnt claim to be long stay! So, starting from the claims:
1. Ultra soft, light, comfy - True, this lippie glides on very softly, is nicely creamy and gives a good coat of color in 1 swipe

 2. Luminous - No idea what the marketing team meant here! If they were trying to say this gives a glossy finish, I do agree- you dont need a gloss unless your lips dry out fast. But if they are saying, it is shimmery - no it is not! 

3. Excellent Color Payoff  - Agree, it gives a nice coating in 1 swipe, though the color does come off a tad bit sheer, but it is buildable 

4. Velvety finish with Vit E & Anti ageing properties - Agree on the 1st, Vit E- not sure and Anti-ageing? Really? How do I even check if my lipstick does anti ageing? And if it claims to be Anti ageing, shouldn't it have an SPF? Anyways, I dont bother about it since, I always use a lip balm.

So I guess this lippy delivers most of what it promises and I would really love to check other shades. This shade is a pinkish red with blue tones that is a tad bit bright bubble-gummy pink for my lips... Pink lippies with blue tones suits fairer skin tones [skin tones with a rose undertone] better than for me with my yellow-toned skin.  I have recently started reading some books on Makeup and I may be sprouting some gyan soon.. :)

And regarding the other factors: No bad scent, non irritant, short color-stay [1-2hours], doesnt settle on fine lines, feathers a bit and is more suited for day wear than night.

So verdict - If you like creamy lip colors and dont mind re-touching lipstick, then go for this range. They have some nice variety of colors, so enjoy! :)
You can get them usually on some nice discount at Medplus.
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