Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Eclos Plant Stem Cells Age Defying Regimen - Trial Kit

I like Freeman's Pineapple Enzyme mask and I have read some great reviews about their Eclos skin care range. So when I found this trial kit on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart, I picked it immediately.

I am all for getting a set of products in a line that work together - that way its easier to know how effective each product is. Usually when you buy a skin care product, in the label, it'd say - use this with so-n-so to be more effective; this way, it is easier to know how effective each item was without the hassle of buying full size products.

Eclos is part of Freeman Beauty Labs; Freeman beauty products are available in Toronto from Walmart and Eclos range is available through Shoppers Drug Mart. This kit costs around $25 CAD; it also includes a head wrap which I have not included in the photos [I lost it :( ]

This kit has 6 products; each product had a good amount in it for at least 10-15 uses. Here we go...

Prima Donna[s] or the Ones that moved my heart

The stars of the collection are the Face Serum and the Face cream. I used the combo morning and night; both are absorbed easily into the skin [mine is normal to oily; dry skin would drink this]. On application, I immediately noticed my skin getting smoother.

Since I tested this kit in winter when my face had some signs of aging like lines around my mouth, dry patches and slight sagging of skin around eyes & cheek, I was able to check how effective this was. I must say - I am impressed. The next day, when I woke up, the difference in my skin tone was so noticeable.  Most of the dry patches were gone, my skin looked firmer; within 2-3 days all the lines around my mouth were also gone.

I also used the serum as a makeup primer and it worked beautifully. I have tried the face cream alone for a day or 2 and the difference I noticed was, my skin didnt feel as smooth as it felt with the serum.

Overall - I loved it and if I find the full size versions [which I cant find now in Shoppers near me] I will buy it.

Seconda Donnas or the Okay-dokey ones

Into this group falls all the rest. None of the products performed badly.
The mask was okay, did a good job but was nothing spectacular.

The scrub is good for sensitive skins as it is a soft scrub without compromising on the exfoliation part. Again, good but nothing outstanding.

The eye cream - to be honest, I dont know since I dont have many lines under my eyes. My under eye problem is bagginess for which I have found a great product which I will be reviewing soon. So, may be this works, may be it doesn't - I don't want to say something just for the sake of review. It provided a decent hydration -that's the best I can say.

Cleanser - another so-so product. It is nice, it did the job but since I use baby wipes now for most of my cleansing routines, I didn't notice anything spectacular in this.

Overall - For the price, this is a must-buy kit in my opinion. At least try the serum - it is great! I wish Freeman Beauty had an online store in Canada, their shipping options from US is pretty expensive!
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