Monday, August 25, 2014

Inglot Lipstick 234 - Review and Swatches

Inglot is one of the many brands I wish had more of a presence here in Canada.
I know they have a website, but its very hard to judge the colors and select...

 I got this one when I was in India. 
Check that sleek metallic black casing - I love it!

234 is a beautiful coral pinkish red, cool toned but looks beautiful on my warmer skin tones.

 It has a slight iridescent effect - which makes this a very different red lipstick, cos the color comes off different in various lights.
The lipstick gives a satin finish, not creamy, gives semi-opaque finish in one swipe and has a nice scent. 

Staying power is pretty neat - around 3-4 hours. It has a slight staining effect, nothing bad.
Because of the color, there is a tendency to migrate to the edges, so I would suggest using a concealer pen to clean off the edges. 

Overall - this is a great summer color and lipstick. Being a cruelty free brand, Inglot is a wonderful option for me.
I only wish they would open a store in Toronto, so I could try and swatch and buy!
Also Inglot Dahling - who names lipstick by numbers these days????? Come on!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

What not to buy: J Cat Beauty The Big Pencil in Red Rose BLP 203

I got this with an Ipsy bag and I remember thinking that its a nice color of red. 
So some weeks ago, when I was searching for a good red lippie, I decided to try this one out. 

This was quite easy to apply like all chubby lip crayons. 
Red Rose is a cool toned blue based red which comes off beautifully on lips.
This is very pigmented and gives full color in 1-2 swipes. 

So far everything is good. You must be wondering - well, why is it a poo then?
This lip color fades off in the WORST ever possible way. 

After wearing this for an hour or two, my 'Never-observes-anything-about-mah-wifey' husband turned to me and said, 'What the hell are you wearing? Clean it up immediately'.
Once I recovered from the shock of hearing my husband comment about my appearance without any prompting, I checked in the mirror. 

All the color had transferred either to the edges of my lips, or the center or to my teeth.
I cant tell you how weird and crazy it made me look.
The worst part was, the color stained my lip contours so much that it was a headache to remove.

Well, Ididnt want to condemn this lipstick after just 1 try - so I tried it once more, this time to the local grocery store.
I did everything I know to stop the color bleeding, including layering with a bit of powder. 

After about 1 hour in the store [yes, I like shopping :)], the sales girl leaned over and whispered - 'errr Ma'am, about your lipstick..'
I sighed and took out the wet wipes I'd taken just in case...

I tried using this as a blush - but it stains weirdly.
So basically this is a useless product for me. 
If you have this and it works for you, let me know how!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What I've been loving - August Edition

This is just some random beauty stuff I've been enjoying this August. Definitely not the only products I like, these are the ones that stood out for me for various reasons..

Ecotools Powder Brush - This is soooooo soft, I find I'm reaching for this brush even if I don't have a powder to apply :) Excellent for applying blushes, contouring shades or under-eye setting powders. I wouldn't use this for all over colors or for powder foundations as this can end up giving a very uneven coloring

Revlon Lacquer Balm in Provocateur - Reviewed here Gives excellent color, lightweight on lips.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Miami Fever [To be reviewed] : Unlike the one in India Intrigue, I absolutely love this shade. Expect a review soon on this awesome summer color soon


Hard Candy Plexi Gloss Glossy Lip Shine - This came with a kit, and I've not seen this sold alone in Walmart. I wish it was, cos this gloss gives the most amazingly voluptous glossy finish to lips. 

Physicians Formula - I have a love-hate relationship with this powder. I am still testing it to see how it works best; as of now, I find this one works best at night for some reason. 

NYX Retractable Eye Liner in Deep Purple - Expect a review soon. I will buy this only for its color. Otherwise, its a bit dry and not the best formula

Bio Oil -  I like this for night time hydration. I also find it good for sensitive skin. Another product which I will be reviewing soon.

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Light - I use this for under eye setting - works excellent. For some reasons, I find that this doesnt work as well as an all over face powder. 

Bath and Body Works Hand sanitizer gel in Pink Frosting - This is more of a teen product. It has slight shimmers and a very 'fresh-from-bakery' scent which I love. Can be a bit strong, so don't take this to office!

From Left to Right: NYX Deep Purple [for some reason, showing up more blue than it is in real life], Revlon Miami Fever, Revlon Provocateur and Hard Candy Gloss

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Skin Care: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask

I am a bit wary when it comes to reviewing skin care products because skin care is so personal, based on what each person needs.

So before, I go into the review, let me explain my skin type so you can make a judgement here.
My skin type is normal to combination, very slightly prone to acne or breakouts and my major skin concerns are - pigmentation/sunspots and dullness. My skin is not too sensitive, so I can use most products without either breaking out or having a reaction.

Now to the review.

In 1 line -

This mask is awesome, sweet on pocket and makes your skin look fresh and dewy [which I believe translates to radiant in Marketing lingo :)], is not harsh, has a nice smell and is easy and hygienic to apply. 

 There! That's the nutshell! :)

Going into details:

- Packaging - The tube packaging makes this easy to apply and hygienic as well. I really hate when products come in tubs and I've to scoop them out!
- Product -  Whitish creamy liquid, not too runny and has some granular contents. Applies nicely and the granules makes a mild exfoliant as well!
 - Effect - I noticed a freshness to face and a slight brightening effect. Also the granules helped with some mild exfoliation. After using this twice a week, I could see that my skin look more - how to say- dewy & fresh... more plumper.. not very dull.. I hope I am making sense!

Overall - For $3.99, this is an awesome skin care product that would be a good addition for your cleansing regime. Since it also works as an exfoliant while removing the mask, that is 2 uses in 1!!!

You can check this product at Freeman's website; in Toronto, this is available at Walmart.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Not To Buy: ELF Essential Total Face Brush [or something to scratch your back]

In case, you've bought  this total face brush , and is wondering how to use this best - I've some suggestions.

You might be thinking - let me throw this to the waste basket, it scratched my face more than my kittens ever did..
But wait, this brush is not completely useless. 
I'd say - dip it in a glue or starch, get it stiff enough and use it to scratch your back or wherever it itches.
Another use could be - as a face pack slathering brush.
Or may be, something to dust your laptop key board? 
How about using this to apply that marinade on the fish fillet?

Whatever you use it for, I would say - don't, please please don't use it on your face, unless you're Hulk and has a literally rocky face! Cos, this brush has the harshest, scratchiest, poking-on-my-nose-est bristles I've seen.
This brush is enough to make you a convert of Sigma or BDellium brushes, but since I've tried ELF Studio line of brushes, I know that ELF can do it right if they want to. 

But I guess for $1, they decided-  Hmm...lets make something that will force these cheapskates to buy the $3 Studio Complexion Brush.
So, if you would like to try a face brush, go for the Complexion Brush.Much softer and does the job much much better. 
In fact, I think ELF Complexion brush is a great powder brush to have.

I think the pictures kinda speak for themselves, so enjoy !

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pursuit

This is more of a swatch and show -color post; not really a review cos I don't think Revlon's SL line needs any more review!

I don't  love this gloss but I think its a nice affordable non-sticky option for a day wear. 

Revlon's SL line has been around for ever and I think this may be one of those products that are so easily available everywhere. 

So if I could suggest a dusty pink shade of a lip gloss that suits all skin tones, is fairly non-sticky and can easily be paired with most lipstick shades for a voluminous lip effect, this would be one I guess.

Keep in mind that this is semi-sheer so, don't expect much coverage if you have pigmented lips. I like pairing it with a nude pink lip color and apply this on top.

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