Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Colors: NYX Butter Lipstick in Taffy

I have already reviewed NYX Butter Lipstick in Hunk here, so I won't go again over how smooth this is, or how comfortable this feels on lips. I love these lipsticks, more for how they feel on lips than for their pigmentation.  

I should have been disappointed with Taffy because NYX describes it  as a Pink Mauve, while as you can see, this is more of a very cool toned bubble-gum pink.
Even after swatching it, I didn't expect to like it and was almost on the point of adding it to a future Giveaway [stay tuned! :)] . But after trying it on my lips, I changed my tune - this is not a too-brightly-cool-toned-pink that makes it hard for warm-toned ladies like me to wear.  This actually looks good on me and due to its blue undertones, makes my teeth look whiter.

I think Taffy is a beautiful day time color for almost all skin tones. Its not too intimidating and as with other butter lipsticks, you can always wear it more sheer if you want to. Don't buy this for the staying power as it stays only for 2-3 hours at the max but then if you expect staying power out of a lippie that calls itself Butter Lipstick, well........

Overall: Not a Love at First Sight, but still a Love. If you're afraid to try out any of those cool toned barbie lipstick shades, this could be a good start for you. 

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