Monday, May 12, 2014

Lazy Beauty Guide: How to dress for work when you are sick

There is nothing I like worse than attending an important meeting when I am not well - it just adds to the whole burden. Not only is work involved, but I can't be lazy with makeup as I normally do when I am not well.

So here are a few tips to dress when you are sick and don't want to work hard to look good:

1. Cover that hair -
Your hair usually reflects your health and when you're sick, hair can easily look dull and lank, especially if you've straight fine hair like me.
Best solution is to use a pretty barrette or  hair clip to keep your hair pinned so your hair doesn't make you look even more tired.

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2.Keep your wet wipes handy
A stash of wet wipes can easily clean your face without too much hassle and can soothe your skin. I recommend something like the Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes.


 If you have tired eyes, damp your wet wipe under very cold water; close your eyes and slightly press against your eyeballs and keep for a min or two. Wet it again and press the cloth slightly against your under eye area with downward pressure.

3. Go for a 3 Step makeup:

You just need 3 items to look good for your meeting:

1. Powder foundation or BB cream/ tinted moisturizer -  If you have a dry skin, use a nice BB cream to hydrate your face. If you have a normal to oily face, use a powder foundation to look clean and dandy

2. Emphasize your eyes - use a darker kajal or kohl or add another layer of mascara or your eyeliner to emphasize your eyes; if your face looks dull during fever, this helps in taking attention away from that.

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 3. Use a darker lip shade -  A darker lip shade is usually an instant face brightener. Know your color before hand; for me, its darker shades of red or purple.
Usually you can double up your lip color as your blush as well unless you are using a shimmer shade.
Avoid using any shimmer lip gloss or pale colors as they add more fragility to your overall look.

4. Dab some orange or lavender oil on your temples and your pressure points to relieve your stress and bring a smile to your cheeks.. :)

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