Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review and Swatches: The Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer in Shade 01

Have you ever bought a product thinking it works in one way and then later found out that it works in a completely different way?
That was my experience with The Body Shop’s Tinted Glow Enhancer in shade 01.
For anyone wondering why an Indian lady with seriously warm yellow skin tones, would go and buy Shade 01 of a face product, that too from a foreign brand, read the story below.
For those who are here to know if the product is good or bad, skip straight to the review section.

Story behind this –
Let this be a moral to all those ladies who get charmed by the SA at a beauty counter and buy products thinking,  hey I wanna get her look so may be if I buy what she says ill glow like her’. SAs are not beauty goddesses, let’s keep in that in mind and may god grant me the strength to say No to the ladies at MAC and Sephora.
Here it is –Shopaholic Lady[SL] goes into beauty store - Gets blinded by the 1000W smile of the SA - Looks around to see what she can grab to make her look as good- SA demos anything that she feels didn’t sell much that month - SL gets dazzled by the promises of radiant beauty awaiting her with one touch of the product – SL buys it and the happy glow of a new purchase surrounds her till she goes home and tries it………….

Try and believe – I went in to buy a foundation for a daily wear and got bamboozled into buying a highlighter that is around 5 shades light for my skin tone…That's the wicked power of SAs!!! BEWARE!
And I actually liked it when I tried it in store… I remember thinking Wow, that will make me glow
To my credit, I did ask the SA if there was a darker shade but the Delilah assured me it suits me best..grrrr…

After finally accepting defeat that I cannot use this as a foundation [ unless I get a job as a disco dancer] I checked some reviews and found that this was actually a highlighter!!!!!!!
This was in 2011 and I was still not yet attuned to reading reviews before buying. 

Review of the product-

This is a very light colored pearl shine cream that doesn’t have any tint, though it says tinted [unless white is a tint!] On blending it starts as a pearly whitish cream and then blends into skin leaving some glitter [I think it is] and some shine.As I found out after a painful journey, this is actually a highlighter and not a tinted moisturizer that can be mixed with a foundation.

The SA told me to mix it with my foundation to make it ‘glow’ and I tried using this with my regular foundation [I think it was Lotus Herbals].I can’t explain how weird it looked, it didn’t look like I rubbed some glitter but neither did it look like glowing.The best I can say is I looked like I tried to dress up as Galadriel from LOTR and failed miserably.

My next plan was to use this as a highlighter and again, to be very honest I didn’t like it.
It didn’t do anything much. It is very light colored for Indian skin tones, I don’t know why they stocked this shade here.I have read good reviews of the tinted versions. This one leaves a very very subtle shimmer if used as a highlighter. And it doesn’t last long enough. I tried layering it with another matte blush, it didn’t work well.

That is the problem I face. If I use it over a foundation it looks too subtle unless I lay it very heavily.
If I use it with foundation, it made me dressed for a Halloween LOTR party.
If I use it on bare skin it just made it look very nice for 30mins or max 1 hour and then nothing- no tint, no glow, no moisture, nothing!

Blended into skin directly - it left a whitish cast over the skin for around 30-45mins and then faded

I can’t find this product anymore in Body Shop website, so I assume they finally got the message and took it off.May be I am doing it wrong, if this product worked for anyone, let me know, I am keeping it till it expires Mar 2014.
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