Monday, January 06, 2014

Review & Swatches: Faces Canada Mineral Loose Powder in Sand Beige

I am so sad that this product and me are saying Bye Bye [Expiry date passed :(] but we had a good run together. Check this product at Faces website and Medplusbeauty website.

I got Faces Canada Mineral Loose Powder in Sand Beige to try out Mineral face products and to understand what the buzz was around mineral products. I chose a good one in this face powder. This is a golden warm powder that is not very silky to touch but applies and blends in beautifully.

I like the design of the jar. It has a spongy head that lets you apply the product directly to the face [not very hygienic though]. I usually don't apply the product using this sponge but if I am on a run, sometimes I do that and it is very useful in applying & buffing in the powder.

I am reviewing this against what FACES claims in their website so I can actually check my experience against what they claim:

FACES Mineral Loose Powder is an innovative non-comedogenic formulation - agree, this didnt irritate my face at any stage even when I had some serious breakouts. This was the only product that I could actually use when I had some chemical burns on my face.

which offers protection from harmful UV radiation - Dont know about that. It has no listed SPF, so I didn't skip my sunscreen when i used this

 and imparts a silky, irresistible touch to facial skin. - I didn't notice any change in skin quality. The powder is not silky and it didn't feel very silky after application also.

It does not clog pores and is hypoallergenic. -  Agree on hypoallergenic. Dont know about clogging pores. I didnt have any breakouts while using this.

It comes with a unique, spill-proof, easy-to-use applicator.  - Agree, this was one of the best designs I have seen so far, much better than the ELF mineral powder [ check review here]

Suitable for light to medium coverage on all skin types- Agree, this is not something to displace your foundation, this is when you want a light coverage for a summer day's outing.

Overall- this is a great mineral face powder if you are looking for a light coverage daily use face powder. Keep a good kabuki with you for effective application.

Review: Lotus Herbals Lip Balm in Orange

Lotus Herbals lip balm in Orange is my husband's favorite lip balm. I don't use this much as I prefer the tube versions and tinted lip balms better but he loves this. So this is mainly his review of the product than mine.

This product retails for INR 125 and you can buy it from Lotus website directly or from The jar is sturdy and the lip balm has a very pleasant orange soda fragrance which we both love.

My husband uses this every day before leaving to work. I'd bought 2 jars of this while I was in India and he is still finishing up the 1st one. The reasons my husband listed out for liking this product are:

1. No color - this is a clear lip balm. Also in the jar it looks orange tinted, it applies clear

2. No taste- this smells like orange pop but has no taste.

3. Lips feel good - I tried getting his answers on 'Does this dry you out? Does this feel heavy? How long did it keep your lips smooth' but I just got the same answer  -'I donno.. may be ..yeah.. feels good..that is all'.

Based on my experiments, this lip balm has nice moisturizing effect. There are lip balms I love very much but this does the job even in the harsh winter here in Canada, so I cant complain.
This is not a must buy for me but if you like lip balms smelling like orange pop and doesn't mind applying from the jar, then this may be for you.
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