Monday, March 31, 2014

Makeup Artist Brands & Products: Kryolan Lipstick Fashion in shade LF 198

Kryolan is a Germany-based professional makeup company founded in 1945; I know they have some outlets in India  and in Canada, I think it is available from Pro-Makeup stores like I got this lipstick from Kryolan store in Chennai - they have a great range of colors in different finishes.

I was on a coral kick at that time and I prefer a matte or glossy finish - so I picked up this shade 198 from their Fashion range.

Price: INR 250 for 4gms.

My Experience:

I know that most professional makeup products suck big time when it comes to package design - yet to see something that looks pretty from outside - but I feel that compared to the silvery greyish Super Dull casing of these lipsticks,the plain black casing would be infinitely preferable. The best you can say is, it is functional.

The lipstick is very creamy and superbly pigmented. The swatch I have added below is just one swipe of the product. It gives full coverage in 1-2 swipes even on my pigmented lips. There is no significant taste, no strong scent [a mild chemical one] and no irritation on lips.

LF 198 is a coral shade, that appears orange-y coral on a pure white surface and on my purplish pigmented lips, it comes off as a pinkish coral shade. This is a great shade for Spring -Summer and can easily be worn more sheerer to come off as a beautiful nude or MLBB shade.

I have not really tested the staying power of these lipsticks but the few times I have worn it, it has easily lasted for around 2-3 hours [ nothing can outlive Indian food so, I rarely get to test lip colors for more than 3-4 hours continuously]

Did you get a hint that there is a BUT on the way? Well, here it is .. the reason why I don't use this daily -  this lipstick feels heavy on lips even on a single swipe and the texture feels uncomfortable. I dont blame this lipstick;  all these lightweight lip-butters and lip crayons have affected me badly & made me intolerant of anything heavy on my lips.

If you, like me, prefer light weight lip colors and yet has found a superbly pigmented lip color like this one to wear, then here is my suggestion to get the color without the heaviness:

- Apply the lip color with a brush; this gives control over the amount of color you want on your lips. Use a concealer brush for better application, I have no patience with the tin lip brushes.

-Use the flat side of the brush to lightly tap on your lips to make it slightly plumper and get the tint better

- Blot the color with a napkin, till the amount left feels comfortable on your lips

- Apply the lip color again; keep repeating the above steps till you're happy with the color

Look at that coral shade - with just 1 swipe on the lips!

Overall: For the price, the pigmentation is awesome so this would a great PRO product; due to its heavy texture, I am not sure if this would be something you'd want for daily use- I know I wouldnt.
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