Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunscreen for Sensitive skin: Lumixyl Moisture Lock Sunscreen SPF 30

I got this as part of a trial kit, while I was doing my makeup artist course at Canadian Beauty College. I was suffering from some chemical burns [Darn you, Sally Hansen Insta Pod Hair removal cream!] and my face looked scary. The worst part was I was traveling and I needed a sunscreen but couldn't use my regular ones as it irritated my wounds.

The lovely Jen at the CBC Mississauga office suggested using this cream and she gave me a trial kit free [thank you Jen!] along with my purchase of Lumixyl's Topical Brightening cream. I tried the sunscreen for a week and more; it was a good time to try as it was April-May here in Toronto when we get some nice summer sun.

About the product: Lumixyl is one of those Spa/Speciality-Retailer-Only kind of product that is not easily available in stores.  I read in their website that some of their products are developed through research at Stanford, which is impressive.

This product costs around $50 which is kinda high for a sunscreen. You can read more about what they have to say about this sunscreen here:

My Experience: I used this over my wounds during my travels and I must say - this is one of the very few products I could use on my face without any irritation. This is a white lotion that looks and feels like most other sunscreen lotions.  On massaging on to face, this initially leaves a white cast which then gets absorbed pretty fast. One thing I liked is that this didn't leave much oily sheen on face like many other sunscreens. Regarding whether it protected me effectively, I have no idea of measuring except by noticing that my skin didn't darken as it usually does if I don't apply sunscreen.

 Overall: I am okay with the results, but I wouldn't repurchase because:
1. My skin is normally not sensitive and even if sensitive, I have got my trusty Lotus Herbals sunscreen with SPF 70 :). So I don't the point of using this as it is just SPF 30.

2. It is expensive for a sun-screen.

3. Lumixyl sells in China and they must definitely be doing animal testing- so another reason to say Hi to Lotus Herbals Sunscreen.

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