Monday, December 30, 2013

Peachy Orange Blushes Anyone? Reviews and Swatches: Faces Canada Mineral Blush in Amber Rose & NYX powder blush in Cinnamon

I am reviewing 2 blushes here that would be awesome for Spring-Summer and especially beautiful for warmer skin tones. Cant wait for Winter to be over!!

I had this fixed notion in my head that blushes are always pinkish in color. So I used to stay away from any darker or warmer color shades. Then my friend send me 'Aruba' from Sleek Makeup which is a bright orange beautiful matte blush which I reviewed here. I loved it very much and it changed my perception of bright blushes. Now I am very comfortable with using even the darkest of reds:)

Coming back to these 2 blushes -

Faces Canada Mineral Blush in Amber Rose is a shimmery peachy reddish orangeish blush that looks so awesome on warm skin tones. You dont need a highlight with this blusher. The blusher is very pigmented and needs to be applied very carefully as this can go easily overboard.

Some blushes can be applied under face powder for a more subtle effect but blushes like these with shimmer in it are better applied over powder.

A nice way to use a blusher-highlighter, is to apply a layer 1st, spray a mist of water and pat it with a strong paper napkin [dont use wet wipes or cotton] and apply a thin layer again once its dry. This would give a very glossy effect to the face especially for a night event.

NYX Powder Blush in Cinnamon is bright matte orangey powder blush which is very similar to Sleek's Aruba but not as orangey as Aruba but more reddish-brownish tinted. The blush is very powdery and has a high fallout but is very silky to touch & apply.

This is again one of those blushes you have to be careful with application but it is not as scary to try as Aruba. Since it is matte, for a 1st time try, you can apply this over your liquid foundation once it is set and apply a layer of powder foundation till it looks comfortable.

One thing I love about this blush is it looks so good so easily - this is a must have blush for spring-summer. It has good lasting power especially if you build the intensity with layers. I suggest applying this over your liquid foundation, apply powder and then your pink or coral blush over it to get a perfect summer look. Apply a dewy spray or water mist to get a beautiful finish.

Both of these blushes are perfect for warm skin tones and shows up great, really brightens up face without looking clownish. I am only sad that Faces has discontinued Amber Rose but I hope to find a similar one soon.

NYX Cinnamon- Bright Matte Orange

Faces Amber Rose blended - note the highlighter effect

Faces Amber Rose Swatch

Review and Swatches: E.L.F Mineral foundation in shade Warm

You know when you see the expiry indicator [the one with the number and M sign next to the jar] and think "Yeah, well... how much can it harm if I just miss it by 3-4 months!" ? Well, the answer is - very !
And thanks to E.L.F's Mineral Foundation - the product which taught me this salutary lesson.

Now do not get me wrong- this is not a negative review of this product. In fact, I kind of loved it the 1st 2-3 times I applied it. It gave a beautiful finish ,medium coverage and I think this can be built upon. This product is only 5$ and though its a bit coarser than what I would ideally like, it blended out pretty well. Staying power was again average, around 2-3 hours in warm humid climate in day time and around 4-5 hours at night. Actually this is a great product for summer in India and any other warmer climate region, I should say.

The reason why I didnt use this much was the problem I have with all such jars - the floating effect of powders. It just makes me sneeze if I accidentally open it fast, I cannot use it in a hurry and I cant apply it with fingers like liquid ones. I wish there was an easier package design for such products but I havent seen any yet that doesnt give a messy result if applied in a hurry.

Anyways, I didnt use it much and after around 8-9 months after opening it, I applied it on my face and within 5-10mins my makeup looked greyish ashy color! I immediately cleaned it thinking that I accidentally mixed up my foundation with the black eyeshadow I was wearing. I got the same effect on re-applying and since I didnt suspect the foundation as yet, I put it down to the reaction caused by the hair removal cream I'd used an hour earlier.

When this repeated the next time I used this foundation, I took a good look at it and found that the powder had a slightly congealed look- like flour gone bad. I cannot really blame the product since I used it almost 3-4 months after the expiry date, so I guess you can take this as a message and check the expiry dates very diligently!

Anyways regarding the product, I give a thumbs up - this is a good mineral foundation to try, it has a nice brightening effect on face and doesn't look cakey like powder foundations - all for $5!! This can be applied wet if you mix it with a good moisturizer but I prefer to use my mineral foundations as they are. 
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