Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review and Swatches: Streetwear Color Rich lipstick in shade Pink Carnation

I have a good collection of Streetwear's Color Rich lippies though I have reviewed only 2 of them:
This in my opinion is the best cheap/budget lippie available in market today for 2 reasons:
1. Decent quality+Color selection+ decent staying power
2. Availability - its available even in stores here!!! Thats telling something :)

I got this from a small store in Mysore that had the best collecytion of fancy earrings I have ever seen.. :) I didnt get any cos I already have too many and my husband absolutely refused to buy me anything more until I have worn everything atleast once.:( Some one should tell guys that is not how gals work!

Confession: the lipstick bullet was not originally like this. I accidentally dropped, broke it, before fixing it, broke it again and then tried patching it back. The color is a nice corally-pinkish shade with hints of brown and is a nice nudeish shade on lips.

I am amazed by the color range and quality of new Color Rich lippies, they have really improved and for the price, its a best buy! This swipes creamy and gives a good level of color on 2-3 swipes.

So if you like the shade, dont think twice.And dont tell me you dont like this pretty shade, it suits all skin shades and you can wear sheer or thick! So dont hesitate, check and buy.. :)

Review and Swatches: Colorstreet lipstick in shade 143

I have already reviewed this super cheap, decently pigmented, decently staying, available only online lipstick before in shade 130. Now I am going to review a shade thats captured my interest very nicely.

Since I have already said about the lipstick features, I am not repeating but just talking about the shade.

This is a beautiful deep red shade, a shade I have been searching for some time [I know I can try Revlon but hey, I didnt want to waste the bucks if I looked like a **** wearing it na?]

The color is a woman's color- very confident, very sure and veryyyyyy feminine.. :) I have never worn a true red lip color before cos I was wary of either looking like a vamp or a vampire.. But after I tried this, oh boy! I am hooked. For Life.

It made me look chic, sophisticated [not in an adult aunty way] sensual but not vulgar and downplayed all the bad things in my face.. :)

No wonder Hot Red lipsticks are a classic favorite shade ever! :) I am buying such shades, on the lookout for beautiful reds from nicer brands..

Review and Swatches: Coloressence Aqua Sindoor in Red

I have an allergic reaction to store-bought sindoors and I usually mess up my fore-head when I try the powder. So when I saw this in a store, I grabbed it. This is now my favorite sindoor.. :)

This easily available online and in stores and costs around 90 INR. The color is a bright reddish vermillion color and applies easily, almost like a lip cream.It has some goldish shimmer in it and looks very pretty.

It doesnt fade easily like normal sindoor and doesnt have any allergic reactions. This is going to be a stable part of my kitty.

Overall this is a must-have product for Indian-hindu bride!

Review and Swatches: Eyetex Dazzler lipsticks in shades 603 and 615

I am a bit fastidious in my skincare/makeup choices, doesnt mean am a snob or lavish buyer but then I spend a fair amount of money and effort to get products that doesnt harm me. I usually dont buy cheap lippies as I dont trust the chemical formula, I only test them if I want to try out shades like my recent Colorstreet purchases.

I dont use any of these regularly but occasionally if the color pleases me. When I saw these in sale at a local store, I was intrigued. Eyetex was no strange brand, we all use their bindis and kumkums and kajal sticks. But lipsticks - I didnt know. Out of a curiosity I decided to test this and as they have no testers it was a trial to select shades based on the color chart.

They have transparent sturdy cases which is good as it makes shade selections slightly easier. I chose safe shades 603 which was a darker matte-ish looking mauve shade and 615 which was a bright bubble-gummy pink shade with slight shimmers.

The pigmentation is pretty decent and stays for 1-2hours without food in between. I tried it for one day and found no allergic effect. It didnt have any strong smell, my only complaint was a slightly weird taste.

The mauvish color is much better than the shimmery bright pink color and I like both colors actually. I dont think I will be buying more of these but if I see any pretty shades I might buy to try it.

For 60 Rs I think its a cheap and safe option to try out colors, a good replacement for Elle18 lipsticks. The cons I can think of are low staying power, weird taste and unavailability in major stores or websites.

Review and Swatches: Faces Creme Matte Gloss in shade Fiery Red

There are some products which after you use, you wish they were easily available, more shades were there and were a bit cheaper.. :) This is one such product for me. I love FACES lippies in general and trust their formulas but their glosses I havent tried much.

I got this at a random whim via as these were on a sale and I didnt have many deep red shades. Also I'd read some reviews online which intrigued me but the words Creme/Matte/gloss didnt seem to gel well! I think a better name would be creme matte lip cream.. :)

The product is priced at Rs 399, may be available for lesser online and is available in around 10 shades.

Also the name is quite misleading. When I heard Fiery Red, I'd an image of a chilli-red color with an eye-popping effect. This is also a deep color but more magenta-ish I should think. Its a red with lotsa blue tones.

I used to have a paint palette once that had a similar color called Carmine, a deep bluish maroonish red. The problem with this color is that on applying it gives a more pinkish effect on lips which was not exactly what I was looking for.

Nevertheless this is a beautiful deep shade and really brightens my face. But this definitely is not an everyday shade as its a bit tooo bright.. :)

This is a beautiful shade, a great product. Stays for around 4+ hours easily and even when fading leaves a nice tinge on lips. A bit drying but not as bad as NYX lip creams, this doesnt settle easily on lines..I would suggest applying this with a light hand using a lip brush as lot of color comes  off when you use an applicator.

I would definitely try more shades and will definitely try some nice colors espl if there is a sale. But I have not seen any peachy/corally/pinkish shades which I would love to have. Wish they would add this soon.
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