Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beauty @office- Easy to Do Skin care tips [espl for those in IT]

Everyday we spend around 7-8 hours at office - ever thought of using some of those break times for taking care of your skin? As a full time IT worker, my skin suffers greatly from the harsh a/c and long hours without any activity.

So last few months and more, I have been trying out different Do-At-Office Skin care tips that you can try out in the 5-10mins rest room break you take or at desk in your office.

1. Coffee & Sugar scrub

If you have coffee powder and sugar at your office kitchen, you have ingredients for a great exfoliant ready for you; if not, too bad- bring from home :)

Mix some coffee [any coffee] and some sugar crystals. Add milk or honey or even any cream you have right before you use, to make a thick mixture.

After a tiring morning, take this mix with you to the rest room before or after your lunch break. Wet your face and slowly massage this for 3-5mins. To avoid any spillovers to your dress, use a wet napkin to slowly remove the scrub.

Coffee refreshes your tired skin, sugar is a great exfoliant and milk/cream moisturizes your skin. You can even use this as a lip exfoliant if you are prepping for that office meeting.

2. Skin and Eye Refresher - Tea Bags

If you get tea bags at office, don't throw them away after use [if you use milk, then throw it]. After making your tea, keep the tea bag with you.

Whenever you feel your skin is looking extra tired, dip this tea bag in hot water till water becomes warm enough to wash your face with this lightly tea infused water.

Leave that tea bag in the office fridge; you can use this later when your eyes feel tired - just keep it on your eyelids and keep your eyes closed for 2-3mins.

3. Mini Face Packs for a quick facial

Moisturizing pack: Mix any of the following ingredients from the base and pack group-
Base - Milk or Water
Pack- Milk Powder, oats, cocoa or chocolate powder

Refreshing Face Pack: Mix any of the below ingredients from base and pack group - 
Base - Water, Tea water [see above], Milk [if you have dry skin]
Pack - Cocoa or Chocolate powder, Coffee powder

Apply this till it becomes semi dry and use a wet napkin to remove this.

If you can get any of the below cut fruits from your local deli, squash and mix with your pack for a bonus benefit:
1. Watermelon - Hydrating effect
2. Blueberry - antioxidant effect
3. Black berry - antioxidant effect
4. Kiwi - exfoliation

4. Essential oils for skin care
If you dont wish to remove your makeup, try the below steps:
  1. Bring a soft cotton or sponge. For eyes, use a Q-tip.
  2. Get your favorite essential or skin care oils. Mine is a mix of Rose Hip Seed oil [for anti aging] and Orange [for brightening]. Take 3-4 drops of the oil.
  3. Dip the cotton or sponge in the oil mix and slowly press the sponge against your face. Use a press-and-go motion, dont rub or massage. For eyes, use the q-tip for under eye skin.
  4. Once you cover the whole face, use your palms to slowly tap the face for better absorption and easier blood flow. Using your palms will avoid disturbing the makeup.
  5. Using oils gives a glow or slight shine to face which I like [ gives a more youthful look]. For a matte finish, reapply your powder.

Hope this helps you as it has helped me so far.. :)

Adding below the essential oils I use:
Rose hip:
Orange oil:

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