Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Face Packs and Masks Series - Weekend [Day 2 and 3]

We went for a weekend getaway to Niagara on the Lakes. Its an amazing romantic location and being near to the Niagara river, there are some awesome bike trails where we spend our morning riding a local rented bike. If I could only spend everyday so leisurely.....

On the flip side, this meant a lot sun exposure, dust and loads of cheese-y food. So, this is was my beauty routine for the weekend:

Before Bath:
Apply warm coconut oil to your hair and skin and leave it on for at least 15-20mins.
Add a drop of Ylang Ylang or Jasmine oil to coconut oil and you don't need any perfume :)

If you can massage your skin and hair, all the more better.
Shampoo your hair to remove the oily effect. 

This is something that I did religiously as a kid in the warm tropical climate of coastal Kerala. Coconut oil is really good in giving moisture and protecting your skin and hair from sun exposure.

While going out:

- 30-45mins before  : Apply a sunscreen with SPF 50 on face. I also used a lip balm with SPF 20.

- Every 2 hours after - I used a sunscreen stick with SPF 50, to gloss over my face. This was a perfect outing accessory as I didn't have to reapply my makeup and I still got my sun protection.

 - Water, Water Everywhere - I kept refilling self on water - as lemon juice, coconut water, plain old H20, anything good. My suggestion is to avoid coffee or other drinks that dehydrate your body.

- Salad with everything - Fine dining means some type of Cheese, for a vegetarian. So, to balance the boat, I ordered side salads to keep my system happy

After coming back [night time rituals]

- Immediately as you reach your place: Clean your face and apply some aloe vera gel to get the protection and repair process of skin going

- 1 hour or at least 30mins before your sleep: This is the pack I prepared with easy-to-carry and easily available stuff while on a trip:
    - Lemon Juice [from half a lemon or lime]
    - Milk powder [or milk]
    - Oats  [if you can get a fine powdered version, its much better]
    - 2 drops from any of your favorite skin care oil [I use carrot seed oil]

Mix all the ingredients to get the consistency you like. I prefer a medium thick consistency so I use more oats powder.
Apply this all over your face and neck and leave it on for at least 20mins or till it gets dry.

Removing the pack: Dampen your face and slowly massage before removing to get a mild exfoliation effect.

Why I love this pack?
It is gentle and has some good ingredients to help with pigmentation and is also good for gentle exfoliation - in fact, it does everything necessary for an "After-Sun-Skin-Care" pack.

Did you try this? If so let me know how it worked out for you :)

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