Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beautyblender dupes that hurt your face - what to do with 'em?

Like many many others in search of that perfect yet superbly cheap dupe for BeautyBlender, I've also bitten into many bad lemons...

The latest in my collection is Model's Own Makeup Blending sponges [Link here]

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The only clear use I've had for this sponge so far is to throw this at the wall when I am trying to relax - makes a nice ping-pong ball. The 1st and only time I used it for applying foundation, it hurt my face so bad, didnt apply or blend well and took ages to get the foundation off the sponge, even though I cleaned it immediately.

Overall - not even as good as a normal sponge. Definitely not a dupe for BB. 

So last day when I rounded up my stash of BB dupes, I was cursing myself for spending money on the dupes - could've easily got a BB for all that wasted cash.
The thought depressed me so much that I was thinking of any possible use for these sponges. 

That's when I decided to try and cut it into smaller shapes that I can at least use as a cleanser.
That actually worked.

I cut these ones horizontally and now they work so much better in applying the foundation.
They are much softer once you cut them and drown them for a few hours in a bowl mixed with some conditioner and water. 

I used them with my cleanser and it did a great job of doing a mild exfoliation as well.

What do you do with your dupes that don't work?

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