Monday, September 22, 2014

A Vegan Love: Petit Vour Beauty Box for July "Summer Loves"

I wasn't very much impressed with the June beauty box from Petit vour [Check Review here]
I mean - it was nice, but well.. 
So I was really happy when I found some interesting stuff in the July box.

The theme of the box is "Summer Loves" and its a collab box with Logical Harmony.There were 4 items - 2 full size and 2 samples. 
The products I received were:
- LVX Nail Lacquer in shade Lolli - full size
- Modern Minerals Eyeshadow in Lola - full size
- Pelle Beauty Luxe oil - sample
- Schmidt's deodorant in Bergamot + Lime - travel size

Pelle Luxe Oil - is something I am keeping aside to try for Winter, when my skin will start howling for oil and moisture. 
I read some good reviews, but I am not sure if I can test this effectively considering the small sample.

Of the 4, I am loved LVX's nail polish the best. Its a creamy formula and I'd read some good reviews about the brand online.
The cost is $16 USD and its said to be free of the 4 nasty stuff in nail polishes and its cruelty free. 
Lolli is a pastel pink shade - it's a universally appealing feminine shade; nothing unique but the formula applies nicely, so me LOVE!!!

Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime natural deo is a great idea executed in a stupid way. 
I mean - who wants to dig into a tub for deo? It is so unwieldy!
Considering its not creamy or gel-like but similar to other deo-s it is also waxy, I wish they had the sense to put this in a stick format.

Also, I am sure some people may prefer smelling like floor polish or dish washing liquid, but unfortunately I am not one of them - so this is a no no for me.I wish I'd got the lavender version - I'd have enjoyed it much better!

Modern Minerals Eyeshadow in Lolli - is a very very common shade. So common that I can find around 25 dupes in my current eyeshadow kit.
Being a mineral eyeshadow, I am sure it has a wonderful formulation; but since I've so many dupes, I am definitely not opening this one now. 

OVERALL: I am not awed or stunned by this edition but it has some nifty products. Except for the deo, I think I like everything else and can find a use for it. 
For the deo, I think it has a more manly kinda scent - so may be my husband can take a sniff at it!

If you're into Subscription boxes or if you're a vegan beauty lover - you can check Petit Vour here
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