Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review and swatches: Faces Canada Satin Matte lipstick in shade Royal Purple

FACES Canada is a nice brand for mid-range color cosmetics and I love most of their products except for their Go Chic lippies in which I think they got the formula wrong!

Their Satin Matte lipstick range priced at 299 INR but usually available online for around 250INR for 4.2gms.

I  like their sleek black packaging though one might say it is a bit boring, but it is handy, it is black and its fine! :)

The color is a deep wine purple shade that looks universally good for all kinda lips and suits mine really fine. This is a color for all occasions, the majestic purple shade can easily be layered down for a casual day out, deep layering for office wear and deep layering + sheer gloss for an ethnic touch.

The color applies beautifully, the lipstick glides on lips and spreads evenly. In a single swipe it gives enough layer and is soft on lips.

There is no strong scent [unlike Go Chic which smells of cheap plastic, yuk!] and no skin effect, no irritation. If I have a concern it is that it has parabens but I think it is a given with most lippies in the market.

Overall this lipstick is one of my favs and this shade will be a must have one in my kitty unless I find a more flattering shade in the wine-purple range.

Buy this online from Healthkart and use the coupon devividya6D88AV at checkout to get 100 Rs off ! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review and Swatches: Bourjois So Delicate lip cream in shade Rouse Veloute

I had got another So Delicate Lip cream from Bourjois which was lying unused in my stash and I thought I would review it so people wont probably end up buying it accidentally!

Regarding the item and the product quality I have nothing much to add to my review on another shade here:

I dont think I have anything to say here: the shade swatch says it all. It is a muddy brown shade and I have no clue how this color may suit anyone!

It is a dull brown lipstick that makes any lips look dead! Thats the end of this review!

Review and Swatches: Avon Simply Pretty Color Bliss lipstick in shade Mango Mania

Avon Colorbliss lipsticks are one of the cheap priced decent quality lipsticks around and the only problem I can find with this is, its very difficult to decide on the color from the brochure as this is not available in store for testing out.

The price is INR 169 but there is always some offer or the other and blogworld has made it easy to find the type of color you want.

I find the packaging very cheap and totally not attractive! Wish Avon had made it either a bright girly pink if they wanted to go for pink or else stuck with the standard black. This dull purplish color makes it look very cheap!

The bullet color looks a bit like a herbal tooth paste I have and I am not that crazy about the shade here.

I am not exactly sure if this color will flatter any other skin tones than the fair ones. This is a dull reddish brownish shade and if layered deeply can be a decent color for an office wear IMHO.

I have seen bloggers sometimes rave about this color, but I dont like it very much, this is a personal opinion but I think this is not a shade for wheatish skinned or dark skinned beauties.

It very much looks like my herbal tooth paste and doesnt flatter my pigmented lips at all. This color,would probably look good only on non-pigmented lips.
The color spreads sheer but can be built on. I find that I cannot wear it alone, I usually pair it with a coral or peach shade lip gloss for giving a peachy effect.

So I guess this is one shade from Avon Colorbliss lipsticks I wont be buying again :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review and Swatches:E.L.F Studio cream eyeliners in shades Purple and Teal tease

E.L.F Studio cream eyeliners in shades Purple and Teal tease

After reading some nice reviews about ELF products in IMBB, I was dying to try it so when I got a chance to order some products of this brand through a very sweet person I met through IMBB  from US, I jumped on it.  After waiting for a month or so, I got this and I must say it was so totally worth the wait and thanks a lot to my dear friend for sending this.

The product has already been reviewed in 2 shades in IMBB
·         Shade coffee by Nupur:

These cream liners have got some rave reviews and I must say I agree with most of em: they are super pigmented, brush is nice, the liner applies quite beautifully on lids and lasts for a decent duration of 3-4 hours.
The shade purple is my favorite and I wear it very often as it’s an everyday shade. It is a dark plum-ish color that reminds me of egg plant. It has very slight shimmers in it and can be used for a good winged eye look. The only problem I have is that it’s a bit hard in consistency than the teal color and so I usually use a damp eye liner brush.  In my opinion, this color will look amazing on brown eyes or very fair lids or if worn with light-eye shadow-makeup. 

The shade Teal tease was an impulse addition as I honestly didn’t think I can really carry this shade off. This is a bright teal blue shade which IMHO is a good try for beach wear or summer wear. But I read somewhere that its very difficult for non-models and non-film-stars to carry off these shades without looking like a clown and sadly I have to agree that this probably is not the best shade for a darker skin tone like mine as it looks very OTT. I must however say that formula wise I love this better than purple as this is creamier. It has some shimmer in it which very fine and as a color I love this.
To Love?
·         Nice shades
·         Cheap for the price [3$ = approx 150 per piece]
·         Decent staying power of 2-3 hour
·         Sets easily, doesn’t smudge much
·         No animal testing
·         No irritation or any other issues with the product
·         Love the glass packaging
·         Decent quantity for the product
Not so Love?
·         ELF, when are you coming to India?????
·         The brush is not that great, so preferably don’t use this for precision lining
I am eyeing the olive color, but I don’t know when I will be able to get my hands on this.
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