Sunday, March 30, 2014

3 Items & 3 steps: Get Ready for Party!

Purely based on experience - I'd to drop in at a party on the way back from work and this is what I did.

1. Transform my eyes: Eyes hold the magic, and is easily the best way to boost your looks.

A soft shimmer eyeshadow in taupe or nude peachy brown shade can not only give your eyes that party glow,   but can easily multitask as a highlighter.

I use my trusty shimmer eyeshadow from Essence Mono Eyeshadow collection in Sandy Says Hello, to add a layer of shimmer on my eyes and on my cheeks. To add more POWW to the color, apply a baked eyeshadow wet.

If you are darker in skin tone, you're lucky - you can get away with using an antique gold shade for your eyes and cheeks.

Check LoveShelbey's post to see the eyeshadow and swatches

2. Dark is mysterious...

Either use your mascara or an eyeliner/eye pencil to add depth to your eyes by layering on color.

Since mascaras give me a headache [I know, sad.. :(] I use my NYX slide on black eye pencil to add 2-3 thick heavy lines on my upper lid.

If you have small eyes or baggy eyes or tires eyes, dont draw color under the eyes - it will just draw more attention.

If you have darker skin tones, then black may not flatter your much - I suggest the warmer colors like copper and gold eye pencils  like Glitzy Gold from NYX Slide on range

See swatches on NYX slide on range in The Makeup Nurse's blog post here

See what Rebecca Brown considers as a great black eyeliner here

3. Toujours le rouge

What can beat a Red lipstick? Pick your shade of Red and get ready to rock!

I turn to my Du Wop Private Red lipstick for that creamy glossy red look.. whats your Red?

If you use a black pencil for eyes, use that to lightly contour your lips before applying your red lip color to add that depth of color and may be a slightly gothic look.. :)  

Read my review on the Du Wop Private Red lipstick here
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