Sunday, April 13, 2014

Antique Gold & Olive Green, mix 'em together & you get - Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Pearl Square in 433

I don't know how many brands can claim a consistently high quality in all their products but I know one - Inglot cosmetics. This Polish brand is cruelty free and has one of the most awesome color cosmetics range. I have already reviewing 3 shades of their lip colors - 30, 47 & 65 .
I also have a blush, an eye brow cream & a lipstick from this brand and they're all awesome -expect reviews soon.

Coming back to this eyeshadow, I got this mostly out of curiosity - my migraine triggers prevent me from wearing eye shadows most of the time :( I know, not the best situation for a makeup lover! But I couldn't resist picking up at least one shade & this looked pretty safe to me.

When I got it in 2012, the price was around $5 USD approx for the refill but now its $8 CAD in Inglot Canada website- nice to see there is no serious price difference in the last 2 years.

My Experience:

This is such a gorgeous color, I am addicted to it. I think this may have the honor of being the only eyeshadow I would repurchase. 433 [wish Inglot would be a bit creative and start giving names] is an olive-green-antique-gold shade that effortlessly adds an allure to your eyes.

Kudos to Inglot for making this a pearl finish with strong golden tones - without that, the color may have fallen flat & would have been suitable only to fairer skin tones. But because of the antique-gold-tones of this shadow, this color easily suits most skin tones.

The quality of this eyeshadow is superb & is gorgeous enough to be worn as a single eye color, even for a night-out. The pigmentation is amazing, it blends well without any fallout & can be applied wet or over a primer/base for more emphasis.

Just one swipe and not over any primer- I wanted to show how pigmented this is without any aid!

Anamika [Wiseshe] mentions in her post here  that 433 is a dupe for M.A.C Sumptuous Olive - in which, this is definitely the better alternative considering MAC costs around $10 for 1.5gm while 433 costs $8 for 2.7gm!

Apologies for no eye-swatch. If I am wearing eye-shadows I have to take the risk of triggering a migraine, so I have to wait for a clear Aura before I apply it - which didn't happen the day I was taking pics.

 Overall: What are you waiting for? Go, go, go...
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