Friday, June 29, 2012

Review and Swatches: Arissa lip palette in shade Heartbreaker

I got this palette off a blog sale at  by Pooja and she was sweet enough to send this to me even before I transferred the money! That is called trusting a fellow blogger and kudos girl.. :)

This costs around 6$ and I saw this in sale at Cherry culture for 5$ and boy, this is totally worth it!!!

The palette is super sleek and offers a peek at the colors of the palette. I saw the other shades online, and I felt this is better suited for my darker skin, all the other colors seems too pastel and light to suit me.

I have a serious complaint against "forin" maal, the one area where our Desi companies win hands down- marking expiry dates on products! Yet to see a forin brand which marked this clearly. Come on! who remembers when you brought what!

L to R - Beige, Creamy nude, Pinkish brown, blueish brownish Pink, offwhite, deep red [as guessed, the names are mine :)]

All the ingredients are listed which is a good thing. The palette comes with a real good mirror. The lip colors are all very creamy, nicely pigmented and lasts a decent time of 3-4 hours. Only complaint there is its a bit drying on my lips so dry-lipped gals, dont even think of using this without a lip balm.

L to R -  blueish brownish Pink,Beige, Creamy nude, Pinkish brown, offwhite, deep red

The only usable colors for me are pinkish and red shades. The 2 shades creamy nude and offshite would be good if I ever plan to dress up as a clown or scare someone.. The other use I can think of for these 2 colors is probably as an eraser or as a tone-down-shade for some stronger shades.

My suggestion is unless you are super fair and likes to experiment better stay of these palettes. The quality is good, but the colors are mostly unsuitable for our darker complexions. 

Review and Swatches: Coloressence Premia lipstick in shade Rose Petal

Coloressence is a new player in the cosmetic market and I say, the more the better.. :) They have lipsticks in 2 ranges: Premia [a slightly higher priced lippie for 250rs] and moisture lip color for 125INR. I got 2 lippies from the lower end range and 1 from this range.. 

I thought Rose Petal would be a safe shade - it has rose in its shade name so it cant be that bad na? :)I have never seen this range in stores, so it was a blind guess and shade-wise it was a decent selection.

Their packaging is very good as compared- a shiny stylish silver color outer cover and a crystal [plastic though!] studded bullet casing. 

The big plus for me is the no animal ingredients note.. :) A relief for veggies like me! 

The casing is decently sturdy, I only wish they had printed the expiry info on the casing so I could have discarded the outer case.

The lipstick color is a beautiful reddish pink with slight blue tones. The color spreads very smoothly and one a single swipe gives enough color.

I like the color, the scent is a nice one, reminds me of some milk sweets I have once eaten, weird a bit isnt it.. :)

This is a bright fuschia-ish pink that definitely brightens up my face, stays for around 2-3 hours and doesnt dry out.  I have no idea whether their claims of repairing or plumping up the lips works or not, never seen the effect so cant say. I can only say it doesnt taste weird, it doesnt have any negative effects on my lips!

For me the minus point is not the color or the type..its the shimmer..the silver shimmer! :(
I am not a fan of shimmer on lipsticks. If I need to jazz up my lips, I use a gloss, which I feel works better :)

However its a very personal choice, so if you like shimmery smooth lippies, you can give this a go! :)
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