Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review and Swatches: Nivea Fruity Shine lip balm in Pink Guava

I always use lip balms as I somehow believe they protect my lips from any harmful chemicals in lipsticks and so so.
What with our desi markets not as updated or as voluminous as the West, I never bothered much about tinted lip balms and was always faithful to the colorless beauties.
Then I got this one free with some purchase I made from Health and Glow and I soo love this one!
I wish we get more n more such nice ones as gifts J

What Nivea says:  “Delicious guava scent and rich ingredients for extremely soft and glossy lips in a luscious deep red tone”

Price is around 100 INR for 4.8 gms of the product.

I love this one! I absolutely love the fruity smell, the slightly sweet taste, the light sheer coral-pink [I don’t know why they say “deep red”!] shade with shimmers and the nice moisturizing effect it gives,
I wish this was a bit long lasting than the 1-2 hours staying power it has.
The casing is strong and sturdy and the cylindrical bullet shape of the product makes it very easy to apply unlike their tube design which is a messier process.
This is not strongly or even medium tinted.. In fact to see the coral pink shade you have to swipe it 5-6 times espl on pigmented lips like mine.
I don’t mind this as I love the feel of this balm.
I love Nivea more so cos I discovered it doesn’t do animal testing.
It has been pretty had to buy products in India as the major players like Lakme and Loreal are all animal-testers and I had to avoid them..
And that also meant, limited range of lippie availability way back when I was in college i.e. 2001-2005.
But now I am happy that lots of alternatives are available like Lotus, FACES, Body Shop etc.

Check Ank’s review of this in IMBB here.

You can buy Nivea’s Fruityshine in Pink Guava here:
-          From violet bag: Price is 120INR
-          From Urban touch: Price is 129INR
-          From Snapittoday: Price is 124INR
-          From medplubeauty: Price is 122INR

Aint it exciting to see so many nice websites?? J J J J J

Review and swatches: Avon Simply Pretty Eye Defining Pencil in Metallic Blue

I met Neha through IMBB and she is a lovely person who sends me avon & oriflame products which is a boon to me as getting cosmetics here is very challenging!
She also advices me on nice products every month and I usually get a cover from her at least once a month. This eye pencil is one of the smart buys I made as it is cheap and yet it gives a lovely finish over eyes..

The color is a brilliant bright blue with instantly brightens up the eyes but unless you wanna look like you are going to a hawaiin beach party, avoid wearing strong blue shades over your eyes as a single me, brilliant blue lined eyes are only for models!

I usually apply this over my black kajal or eyeliner and then lightly blend it to give a touch of exotic but not too much..

A best way to apply colored liners is to add it to the corners of your eyes..or to the rim of the upper lid line…

I got this for 69 rs but the normal price is 110..

I never apply colored pencils to water lines and I think that’s safer too!
Overall I think this is a nice budget buy espl for college girls.. J
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