Sunday, March 03, 2013

Review: Incolor Glame Shine Lip color in shade 20 Brick

Ok, 1st of all a disclaimer: I am not a gloss lover, I use it only and only for some party/events or on a night out when the costume demands a bit of shine.. Else I am a lipstick girl.. so, if you're a gloss lover, you may be more enthusiastic about this product than I am... Still, here are my thoughts on this..

Starting with why I bought: When I first starting trying out with glosses, I got a standard pinkish-roseish shimmer shade from Maybelline with brown undertones [way back in 2005] and it was such a flop! I felt that it made me look ridiculous...The color and effect looked more suited for a barbie-girl kinda cutie, than for anyone with a more mature features.. Since then, I have changed my tune and there are glosses especially from Lotus, which I like enough. This one from Incolor, is a reddish gloss [may look a bit orangeish in pics] - a shade I long wanted to try.

About Incolor: Website [no idea], Brand details [???] available online with select retailers like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Fashionandyou at times.. . Difficult to believe that a company with no background info exists nowadays!

About the product: Glame [?] Shine lip color comes in a sturdy nicely packaged casing. I like the soft wand as well. The product doesn't have any discernible scent. Expiry date is given [got to look carefully] which is  a huge PLUS! Almost all details are there, except for any details regarding the company..wonder why they wish to hide so much!

The lip gloss is sheer with reddish tint and red-blue shimmers. The shimmers are not harsh and looks good on lips. In fact, the gloss doesn't give anything on lips more than a subtle highlight which I totally like. I prefer my lipstick to show the color.. :)

The gloss applies decently enough, is not sticky [which I doubly like after having bought a sticky one thats worse than a glue!!! -review soon] and has an average staying power of 1-2hours without food[ after all, which one does!!!] Overall, I like it well enough.. It does what it says in its name - glam[e?] shine and should suit most skin tones. In fact if you have lighter lips, this could be your coral lip gloss for the summer, assuming you can buy it from store or online...

PS: Not adding any "Suggested Makeup" as this is not a commonly or even easily available product
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