Saturday, December 06, 2014

Memebox Thanksgiving Boxes - For Me & You [which kinda ended being For Me & Me]

This is not a review; just a post to show the awesome set of products that I got. 
A total value purchase from Memebox- I am so sad to see that they don't have many boxes coming in now.
Don't be like this, Memebox... bring us some more boxes..

Love the Pumpkin colored boxes and the design...
Nice message right?
All the products are full size.. Yummmmm

So happy to get a lipstick in this box....

Not surprisingly, I loved the "For Me" box better. The glitter box in the 2nd one and the brush roll, is pretty unexciting for me. However, the set of all full sized products in  the 2 boxes is like Christmas come early..

Love you Memebox, please be the same and keep coming up with nice boxes..

Too Faced Melted Kisses Lipstick Set [and why you need Too Faced Melted Lipstick in your life]

I think I gave away the plot with the title - I really love this lipstick and I am pretty sure, most of you will. I'd already tried a Melted Lipstick, so when I saw this set in Sephora, I didn't hesitate a bit before jumping in and buying it. 

I am not sure if this exact kit is available now, so consider this as my review and swatches on the 4 shades that came in the set. 
Price of this set was around $30 CAD and it has 4 shades - Melted Nude, Melted Peony, Melted Fuchsia and Melted Berry. 

Each of these lipsticks are 0.16 oz; full size version is $25 CAD for 0.4 oz i.e. $62.5 per oz. There fore, 4 tubes with 0.16 oz is worth $40. So there is a saving for $10 with these beauties. 

As you can see, each tube has a sponge-brushy applicator that is supposed to replace any need for brush. I can totally understand why you need a brush for this considering the pigmentation. But honestly, this nozzle is just bad news for me - cos there is so much of product wastage and its not that hygienic either. I wish they went with the OCC-Lip tar style packaging.

Look at the amount of product left to dry on the nozzle - and how dirty it makes it!
Shades from Top to bottom - Berry, Fuchsia, Peony, Nude

Shades from Top to bottom - Berry, Fuchsia, Peony, Nude
Melted Nude 
Its almost impossible to get a lipstick set where all the colors are useful and/or interesting for you, right? For me, in this set, the Nude shade is useless as a standalone lipstick. Just look at the washed out effect it has on my lips and you can understand. 
The only use I can think of is as a base for a lipstick or gloss. However, this shade is a testament to the pigmentation of the product - look at how this shade has covered my lips with its natural darker pigmentation! Awesome right? And its just 1-2 complete swipes with no layering. 

Melted Peony
Now we come to shades that I like and that I can wear. Peony is a nice blue-toned pink - an everyday shade for all seasons. Not my favorite but still something I can use and like. As with Nude, the pigmentation is just mind blowing!

Melted Fuchsia
Fuschia is one of those colors that makes you go  "Too way I can pull that off" and when on lips "Oh gosh, it looks so nice! My teeth is is whiter, my face is brighter". My favorite from the bunch!

Melted Berry 

This is a classic cherry red shade with blue under tones. You can layer this color to get a more Reddish effect. This is a great shade for Holidays and is one of those suits-every-skin-shade color. Love it and is my second favorite from the bunch. 

A problem that I experienced only with the Berry shade is that like most reds, this has a slight tendency to bleed. So my suggestion is to apply a lip liner to avoid feathering.

Staying power is pretty impressive for all of these lipsticks with the color remaining true for 2-3 hours even with mild food & drinks and fading evenly after that. There is a light staining effect for the darker shades, but I don't really mind that.

Feel of the lipstick is light and satiny on the lips - perfect for people who dont like the weight of a creamy lipstick. Pigmentation and application is awesome - it glides without any issues. With the lighter shades I noticed that it tends to look drier though it doesnt feel dry. This can be corrected by applying a peachy nude gloss or a lip balm underneath.

Too Faced is a Cruelty Free brand so for any purchase I made, I can always comfort myself with the thought that I am promoting a brand that doesn't blind rabbits in the name of beauty!

Lastly, I've tried both Lip Tars and the latest LA Girl Glazed lip paints and neither are dupes for this one. I've not yet come across a lip product that can be a true dupe for this lipstick in terms of pigmentation, finished look and feel on the lips. 

Overall: Love love love love love love......
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