Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Treating chemical burns naturally and Review: La Roche Posay Cicaplast Gel for Skin Repair

This is one of those products which I bought, without really thinking how its going to be useful for me & then suddenly one fine day, I was give the opportunity to discover how it works [which was not a fun event for me!]

La Roche Posay claims that Cicaplast is -
"Pro-recovery skincare. Anti-bacterial texture. Fragrance-free. Paraben-free. Accelerates the reconstruction of irritated and chapped skin or after minor dermatological procedures.
Invisible and non sticky, with easy spreading. This soothing, moisturizing treatment relieves itchiness and tight sensations.

Image courtesy: La Roche Posay website
Please excuse the lack of original images - I actually took some pics, then threw out the used bottles & then found out that some how the pics were missing :( sorry!

I didn't really use this much when I was in India since my skin was more normal to oily then. When I came here to Toronto and experienced a true winter in all its glory, my skin turned dry and I started applying this occasionally when there was a more than usual dry patch on my face.

But the true use for this product came when I had some major chemical burns on my face from using a facial hair remover from Sally Hansen. My skin looked very scalded and was very sensitive. I had to travel extensively in that period and I couldn't apply a sun screen directly to my face as it hurt like crazy. Then I began to use this as a layer before applying the sunscreen as it prevented the pain. In those days, this and aloe-Vera gel were the only 2 items I could use.

Then I began to notice how faster my skin was healing even though I didn't apply any topical creams to the wounds. This product really helped me out in those days - and  if La Roche Posay didn't do animal testing, I would have kept buying this. But they do testing on animals and I can't buy this anymore, so now I rely on aloe-Vera gel and my essential oils to help me out during such skin troubles. When I bought, I didn't know that they did Animal testing :(

Would I recommend this product -definitely as a skin care product but never as an animal lover and for me, nothing justifies giving pain to another harmless creature in the name of beauty!

Treating chemical burns
This is something I devised as an alternative after finding out about La Roche Posay's animal testing background. To heal facial wounds from chemical burns, here is something you can do:

1. Always apply any treatment products at night, never at day as day time application can increase sensitivity.

2. If you are traveling or going out, apply sun screen always. If it hurts, apply a layer of beeswax [or your favorite un-tinted lip balm] in the area it hurts and then apply sunscreen. Try covering your face to avoid dust or dirt. Also keep your hair away from your face as there is a chance that your hair may transfer a lot more dirt to your face.

3.Evening or back at home after outing: apply Aloe Vera gel after washing your face. Avoid soap when washing your face. Instead try using gentle face wipes or baby wipes and clean using soft motions.

4. 30mins before sleeping: Apply a mix of olive/coconut oil plus basil oil or basil leaves juice or tea tree oil. Softly massage in to promote blood flow and faster healing.

5. Avoid any harsh chemicals or makeup if possible. If you are using makeup, stick with mineral makeup as much as possible.

6. Moisturizing your face: Mix some milk or cream and add some honey to it. Keep this in fridge for at least 15-20mins. Dip a soft cotton ball in the mix and slowly pat over your face, like you would use a powder puff. Once done, use a soft paper napkin to absorb any excess product or oil.

7. Healing mask: Make a puree out of - Goose berry, Spinach leaves, basil leaves, ginger and Sea Weeds. You can get sea weeds by soaking dried weeds in water. Mix some Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt. Add some Aloe Vera Gel and Honey to the mix and apply on your face for 15-20 mins.
At the very least, the ingredients of the mask should be - gooseberry, spinach leaves and Basil leaves.

8. Last but the most important step - Drink lots of water, intake some really skin-pampering Vitamins and minerals & most imp of all - SLEEP WELL. Sleep is the best regenerative treatment for skin.

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