Thursday, March 01, 2012

Reviews and Swatches: Streetwear Color Rich lipstick in shade Cherry Slush

I read somewhere that women buy lipsticks especially when they are depressed about something as a quick fix for mood uplift almost like how guys drink beer I guess. I was having a bad weather day recently and while randomly checking around the store, I found Streetwear Color rich displayed. Normally I wouldnt try out lipsticks without any idea of the shade and this set didnt have a tester or a shade card or even an SA who could tell me about the shade. But it was an impulse and since I am not very impressed with Streetwear as a brand, though I love Revlon, I didnt expect much from this one but I am happy with this.

 After reading in a blog about Revlon's iconic cult lipstick Cherries in the Snow some time back, I was searching for a cheaper alternative as I am not normally a fan of bright shades and was not very sure how this would look on me. So when I saw the name Cherry Slush, I assumed it might be a Cherry-ish color and grabbed it.

Streetwear's Color Rich lipstick is one of the cheapest lipsticks around but I have always found the colors not so appealing, the pigmentation poor and the scent a bit repulsive in all the testers I have tried. Thankfully, this one is better off in term of pigmentation and color.

This is a deep cherry-reddish-pinkish color that looks more red to me on package but pinkish on application [I dont know how lipsticks do that!!!]. It is a nice face-brightening color, but must be applied with a light hand to avoid a garish hooker look, especially for fair skinned beauties. This is a nice daily wear [not office wear] shade for medium fair ladies like me, a safe choice that goes with most looks and dresses.

I would describe this as a classic cherry-pink color which should be a must-have in every makeup stash, but would definitely suggest a better quality one. However for 140Rs for 3.5gms, one cant really complain much about quality :)

I have finally ordered my Cherries in the Snow, will review it as soon as the baby comes.. :)

Review and Swatches: Lotus Herbals Floralglam Moisturising Lip Color in shade 020 O'Orange

I was searching for an orange based coral shade for that naturally flushed look for lips, when I stumbled into a locally famous beauty store in Kochi, Kerala. They didnt have any testers on this, but when I mentioned to the SA that I was looking for an orangey coral look, I think she heard the "orange" part, ignored the "coral" part and proceeded to sell me this lipstick.

As my husband had promised me to buy a lipstick of my choice and he seemed to like the color [said the bright color suits me, I still dont know if he was being flattering or sarcastic!] I thought, "Oh fine! I dont have a bright color in my kitty, let me try this.."

This is a bright eye-popping color that reminds me of Rasna orange drink I used to love as a kid [Now I dont, growing up and dieting removes most tasty stuff from your life :( ] This is one of the few colors, that looked the same on the tube and on my lips. \

About the lipstick:
Price is around 350INR and you can usually get it on sales online for around 290+.
- Enriched with Botanical extracts.
- Hydrates and protects lips for hours
If there is one fault I could find with the packaging [there are more than 1!] it would be the total lack of ingredients listed. Wish they added details like Expiry date, ingredients etc on the tube itself.

Another serious problem with the packaging is evident from the condition of my lipstick. I dropped it on the floor and something with the hinges went wrong and ever since, the lipstick bullet kept getting stuck on the lid :( Now there is nothing much left of the qty, not because I used it, but cos it kept getting stuck on the lid.

The lipstick is good in pigmentation, single swipe gives a decent amount of color and stays on for around 3+hours depending on skin type and climate. I cannot really judge if its really that moisturising as my lips dont get dry so lipstick dont usually dry me out.

This lipstick is good for desi wedding parties for that tinge of bright color paired with subdued eye and cheek makeup. Another lovely use I have found for this lipstick is as a creamy blush :) Looks great on my cheeks when blended, perfect for summer's day out.

Overall, I think this is a decent buy, with the range having som nice colors. Also, it is supposed to be herbal so hope less no of chemical stuff.
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