Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Aloe Nose Strip

Once again, I am going to refrain from giving long reviews for products that don't really need it, so bear with me if you find this review very succinct.

I got this from my local Face Shop store for my husband, cos he has some serious blackhead issues on his nose. He doesn't like the good old 'squeeze & clean' technique so I thought I will try a nose strip. I have tried this nose strip from Face Shop 3 times now and here is my verdict: Too gentle to be useful 

If I say it didn't clean, I'd be wrong- it did but not enough to see a difference.
What I can find in favor of these nose strips are:
1. Easy to use & apply on nose
2. Face Shop is available internationally

Other than that, for the price [$16 approx for 10 pcs] this is not cheap enough to justify such average results.
 I am not going to buy this again; I have read some good reviews about their Charcoal nose strip, so may be I will try that next.



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