Monday, January 05, 2015

Frost is in the air and on the lips... Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Poppy Silk Red

Winter is here in full force and that means, 'Bye Bye Matte Lipsticks, especially when I am in a hurry to run' and 'Hello Hydrating Creamy Lipsticks'.
Although holidays are over, the cheer is still in the air and everyone is sporting their glam red pouts while scurrying by in their long winter coats.

I have some regular reds - mostly matte. I was searching for a more comfy formula, when I found this beauty in my collection. I was reminded of a very wintery-looking vintage ad [I've added it below] from Revlon - not sure if the model is wearing this color.

Revlon Moon Drops is a classic range that has been around. Like from even before my mother was born. Thats classic in my definition :) 

Courtesy :

Since this is not an active product [Revlon doesnt sell it in counters here, but you can find it online ] I am not doing a long review - keeping it short and sweet.

Poppy Silk Red is a bright orange based red with silver shimmer. The color however, comes off more pinkish red on my lips than orangey - which is good, cos it matches the season more than a coral orange look.

The color applies very nicely - no patchiness due to the shimmer and it keeps the lips hydrated without much issues.
There is no drying, the finish is a satin finish and there is slight staining as well. 

The frost doesn't overwhelm the color, nor looks weird - it is just right and gives a shiny loop as opposed to an effect of shimmer glued to lips. 
When it fades, it leaves with dignity and grace- so classical !

Overall - this is a great lipstick option for those who like a bit of history along with bright lips :)  

PS: Emily Noel had done a "Hidden Gems of Drugstore" video where these were featured.

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