Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Kara Makeup Removal with Seaweed and Lavender face wipes

There are so many desi things I miss here, that I especially regret in not taking enough quantities with me when I left India - and this is one of them. I dont have the product with me to take pics so I am borrowing from some shopping sites.

From, this is what they claim:
Cleanses your skin off all the make-up residues. These wipes are made of Birla Cellulose, a fiber that is 100% natural and biodegradable and are completely safe on skin.

Pure Lavender extracts help you cleanse face and neck and leave a relaxing effect. Seaweed extract revitalizes and nourishes the skin making it soft and supple. Dermatologically safe. For that just out-from-shower look!

Its a bit pricier than their other wipes, but this so totally does the job. I recently discovered this when I had to use this for a trip here; I was in a bad shape and did some extreme stupidities with my makeup including applying a heavy layer of bright orange blusher making me look like a clown. 

I had packed this randomly in my kit,so I just pulled off one tissue and swiped it over my face- and voila! 80% of my makeup was off! As I had applied some waterproof makeup on my face, I was surprised to see how cleaner my face looked in just a single swipe; with one more swipe my face was left very very clean. 

I just had to use a wet tissue to just remove any leftover pigments and the best part was- my face was left looking glowing and soft! 

I read some reviews of this wipe, where it came off as too oily, but I didnt experience any issues with oiliness, cos my skin is normal in summer and normal to dry in winter; may be oily skinned ladies should stay away from this one. But this is sooooo good, makes your skin look so bright and glowing after cleaning that I feel you should atleast try this once. 

I'd tried some other makeup remover and while the cleansing part is mostly similar, none left me with this beautiful clean skin after the process. So, yes, I recommend this one and I hope to get some more of this in the parcel from home.. :)

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