Thursday, June 19, 2014

Starring - NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie in "Sex on the Beach"

So I am at office and talking to my friend over call about my latest makeup purchases and she asks me what shades I got in the NYX Chunky Dunky. And I reply - "I have Sex on the Beach and..".  I hear a Gasp and there's my cubicle-neighbor's face  with a a stunned look and I realize that once again the Curse of Weirdly and Uncomfortably Named Products have struck again. 

Funny name aside, this is the latest lippie innovation from NYX - their version of a Lip Crayon. I believe that they already have a chubby lip pencil but this is the one that actually qualifies as a lip crayon. 

It retails for $6 USD, has 13 shades and you can find everything NYX has to say here - Link

My Experience:

In my opinion, NYX got on the band wagon a lot late. I can find nothing special with this one from all the other Lip crayons I have tried so far. If I had got this one pretty early into my sojourn with Lip Crayons, I would probably enthused about their light weight texture but now, its like -" what exactly is new"... Sad, but that's life!

 The packaging is pretty much the standard Lip crayon packaging - with the plastic casing matching the lip color inside. This is a twist up pencil so no sharpening. On the flip side, this also means that once the pointed edge has worn off, it will be hard to apply the shade with precision.

NYX advertises it as a Sheer to Medium pigmented product - but after trying out one of the brightest shades in the range, I would say "Sheer wash of color" - cos that is what it gives. The lip crayon applies smoothly and gives a nice sheer wash of color which is slightly more buildable. 

Sex on the Beach is an orange red - a perfect summer beach color IMHO. Don't be scared by the bold color in the tube, because the sheer coverage means that you can control how much color your want on your lips. On one swipe, it gives a more "My Lips but slightly Redder" look, like you have taken a sip of a red lollipop. There is no staining of lips, more like a delicate tint.

The satin finish stays for an hour and the color remains for another hour at the maximum. While this lippie does not give much hydration on its own, it doesn't dry out either- so unless you've really dry lips, you're good.  But this is still not good for a lippie that claims to be "Hydrating".

IMHO, NYX got confused on how it wanted to market the product - if you market a sheer color satin finish lippie as Hydrating, one would expect a Revlon-Lip-Butter performance or similar to NYX's own Butter Lip Balm. 

This is after multiple swipes - you can see how sheer the color looks

So in effect, what we have is a Crayon less-pigmented less-staying-powered version of the Butter Lipstick and nothing Wow. I am a bit disappointed :(

Other than that - no harsh scent, no bad taste, no irritation
Overall: Nothing special - if you like sheer lip crayons, go for it. However, I would recommend buying a Butter Lipstick for the same price - you get much more pigmentation and color range.
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