Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review and Swatches: Khadi Mauri Peel Off Face pack

I like this peel off for 2 reasons: 1. Its a khadi product, inexpensive, desi, herbal stuff that has a superb fragrance 2. It does a good job as a peel-off which is clean out the pores and provide a quick refreshing effect to face.

Price is 125 INR, quantity is 210ml and shelf life is 2years.

I got this from one of the online retail shops, I forgot which as it is almost an year now. I dont use this very frequently, use this mostly when I have to go out and my oily skin is feeling particularly clogged out.
This is what is given in the website:
Khadi Peel Off Face Mask gently draws out impurities and maintains youthful, healthy looking skin.


  • Cleanses the embedded particles, improves blood circulation and relieves stress
  • Useful in case of skin damage from UV rays, dehydration and aging as skin loses elasticity. Improves skin renewal
  • Removes excessive oils that clog pores making skin susceptible to acne and rash
  • Botanical formula contains natural anti-oxidants which help neutralize environmental skin damage.


Anar Root, Brahmi, Tulsi Leaf, Sahtut, Cucumber, Glycerine, Methyl cellulose, Purified water q.s. preservatives, Sarbical, PVA.


Apply 1-2gm on your face & neck, allow it to dry and then peel off.

The peel liquid is thick and orangey-guey in color and doesnt have any strong sensation on skin. It doesnt spread that easily, reminds me of a thick honey type peel from Shahnaz, forgot the name.

The peel dries off fast enough and is easier than most peels to remove from face, which is definitely a plus point.

Overall I love this peel and unless I come across something better, I will definitely try to re-purchase this. After all, its a desi item without any parabens and has a spl place in my heart. :)
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