Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review - Deborah Milano Rosetto Light Creator Shine And Volume Lipstick Shade No 3

Okay..whewwwww...the name is a mouthful! What I'd actually call it is Deborah Milano Coral Pink Shimmer lipstick and that would be describing it nicely!!

Deborah Milano has come up with some nice products in Indian market, I have reviewed their 24 Ore Eye pencil here

Well, I was about to throw it out as I'd guestimated the expiry date for around this time [it really bugs me that cosmetic firms wont put down the expiry dates on their products!!!] then I remembered that I have not reviewed it and so here we're..

Okay, nice things first. Love the packaging! Seriously the pinkish silver innovative shape is really a welcome change from boring old black bullet. Kudos to Deborah and hope others will take a note here!

This is a nice coral pink color lipstick that has enough Shimmer in it to justify the name light creator. When swiped, it gives a natural yet shiny salmon pink c color that looks so good on fair skinned girls. It'll look good on girls with really dark skin as well.

If you are a medium wheatish skin toned lady, you might want to stay away from such colors cos believe me, it will make you look sallow and dull and that we don't want and this is from personal experience...

In my opinion this is not a winter or night color. It is a good Summer color and will look good with a beach maxi. :-) But here again my uneven-or-wheatish-skin toned buddies, Stay Away!!!!!This is one of those dangerous colors which looks really yum and tempts us to put it on and then make us regret we did! :(

But my major complaint with this lip stick is that it applies so unevenly, that I've to actually massage my lips to get this over properly. Staying power is also poor, 1-2 hours if no food in between. But then they don't claim it so its fine I guess.
Verdict- Not for me but if you like coral pink shiny lippie for fun? Check this..
I got this on some offer in for around 400 INR Iguess.. It is non fragrant and non irritant, mildly moisturizing and with no harsh shimmers.
I like it for that color, sad it don't suit me and that it applies so badly.

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