Sunday, December 07, 2014

Avon Shimmering Body Powders in scents Imari & Night Magic

This is one random purchase I made without really having a good idea of what I was planning to use this for. Sometime back, I got a bunch of Avon stuff from a sales rep. And this was more like a filler purchase for me.

I'm not planning to repurchase them, as I really don't have much use for shimmering body powder.
This is just a review in case you are a fan of scented body powders and wears a deep cut gown or dress.


Imari reminded me of some Sandalwood talc I used to use as a kid. The scent is kinda strong but not irritating.
Its definitely a scent you can classify as exotic. 
Application is pretty easy - just dab the powder on to the skin.
I used this on my decolletage, back, under-arms and belly areas [thats how I use talc].
The shimmer is not very evident, its more like tiny glitter pieces.

Night Magic

This is a more subtle scent and definitely not "exotic". Its a more soothing scent, I wonder if it has lavender in it!
The rest is the same as with Imari.

Packaging sucks big time for both these babies. Its cheap. Really cheap.
For a shimmering body talc, I expect some fancy designs or something to make me feel a tad bit luxurious when I am dabbing this on.

Texture is not as finely milled as the talcs of my childhood. This felt more gritty probably cos of the shimmer.
I think I'd rather have a finely milled non-shimmery version.
And this is not really shimmer - like I said, its fine glitter. Which means that instead of a subtle highlight you're expecting you get teeny tiny glitter pieces on your skin.

Scent is not bad for both, but neither feels luxurious or even interesting.

I use them as a sweat-absorbent once I am once out of the gym and I don't want to take an immediate shower.
To be honest, that is the only use I can see for this, cos its not something you will choose to wear when you're dressing for a party!

Overall: For the cheap price tag, you can give it a try if you like scented powders.
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