Sunday, April 03, 2016

What Not To Buy: Ole Henrikson Invigorating Night Gel (cos it is scary!!!!)

Next time you're in Sephora and is planning to check out Ole Henrikson's products, here is something I wish to warn you about - They are not for all skin types. Especially not sensitive skin types.

Okay, may be I am being unfair to judge all products based on the trio I tried. But then, we can only review based on our experiences. Someone getting a food poisoning from a restaurant may come off as a harsh reviewer compared to someone else who had an excellent meal!

So excuse my review, cos this darn thing burnt, BURNT my skin!

The only time a product did this was when I tried a Sally Hansen hair remover.
But then hair removers are supposed to be harsh chemicals so I can find some excuse in me.

But when a skin care product, also marked "for all skin types", burns off the skin under my eye and makes my whole face burn the next day after I apply it at night - I think I am justified in marking it as "TO BE AVOIDED".

Thats not a wrinkle, it is a wound in the shape of my crease!!!

My experiences with 2 other products from this brand also justifies my fears that this brand either uses some reallllllly harsh chemicals or is not marking its demographics correctly.

Hurt like HELL!!!!

FYI - My skin is normal, not sensitive at all and doesnt usually have any kind of reactions to a lot of products.

So, yeah - My advise would be to stay away and try something more gentler for your face.
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