Saturday, December 20, 2014

New in Town: Vasanti Love Brights Gel Matte Lipstick in shade Mad Love

There is something about snow and winter that makes me feel partial towards Matte or Satin finish lipsticks. 
So when I saw this new lipstick range from Vasanti in my local Shoppers Drug Mart, I was immediately drawn to it. 

The Grey-pink packaging reminds me of Bite Beauty's packaging...
You can read about the range, the price [$19 CAD] and other details here in Vasanti's website - LINK


I like the overall sleek silvery grey effect of the packaging. The metallic casing is pretty stylish.  

Really really like the stylish metallic grey casing.. Awesome packaging!

The lipstick bullet is designed slightly unusually..reminded me of a petal.. beautiful and unique! :)

Beautiful design!
 About the product

Mad love is described as a purple plum in Vasanti's website. I rather think its is a Pinkish purple rather than a Plum purple as I couldn't see any hints of red in the swatch or on my lips. The color is a bright blue-based shade that can brighten up a sallower complexion. 

Application -  
The lipstick went on smooth and without any dragging over the drier areas. 
This is one of the most comfortable matte formulas I've used - mainly cos of the lightweight texture. The pigmentation is excellent and uniform. In the below pics, I am wearing only 1-2 thin coats on my pigmented lips - you can hardly see any pigmentation at all. 

In fact based on the finish and the overall feel, I think this applies more like a stain than a lipstick. There is no drying or settling into fine lines as well.
In terms of comfort of application, I think only Bite Beauty's famously comfortable lipsticks can match this. 

Word of caution- Mine is not a naturally very dry lips. In fact, I can go out most days even in winter without a lip balm or cracked lips. So if you've drier lips, you may want to test this and see if you need your lips to be exfoliated or primed before applying this. However, the lightweight texture might be a boon for you.

Since I compared these to Bite Beauty lipstick, I decided to see which one was better in terms of value. 
Bite Beauty's Luminous Creme lipstick is $28 for 0.15 oz i.e. around $186 per oz
Vasanti Gel lipstick is $19 for 0.12 oz i.e around $158 per oz.
So if ease of wearing is the most important criteria, I feel you should definitely try this lipstick.

Other plus points in favor of this lipstick is the brand doesnt test on animals and is paraben- free. 
Awesome right?

Other factors:
Lasting power - pretty decent, got upto 4 hours without food. May need touch up, but it does leave a nice stain. 
Scent and Taste - It smells like a Popsicle or something like an artificial grape drink. I dont mind it and it doesnt stay once on lips. No harsh taste as well.
Feathering - It doesnt do bad actually, I didnt find the need to apply a liner.

I am really loving the fact that there are so many Canadian Lipstick Superstars like Bite Beauty, Lippy Girl and Vasanti now in the market! Go Canada!

Overall: The price tag is a bit hefty but I am willing to shell it out for an awesome Matte lipstick like this one. In fact, I am liking some of the other bolder shades very much :)

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