Thursday, May 08, 2014

Something for Office: Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Twig

Avon’s Ultra Color rich lipsticks are much loved for their quality; when I was in India, I got interested in this range and got 2 shades from my friend who is an Avon consultant.
She recommended 2 colors – Mocha and Twig; since I was on a nude-color kick I was interested in these 2 shades.

I don’t feel justified in reviewing a range of lippies unless I try at least 3-4 lipsticks from that range.
So I am reviewing just this one shade in terms of its quality and its look.

When I ordered this, I was under the impression that Twig is a pinkish brown nude shade.
I checked some reviews online and was expecting an MLBB shade.
But the shade I received is a peachy brown shade with not much hint of pink in it.

 Avon promises that these lippies are ‘Formulated with Vitamin E and Jojoba to hydrate lips and seal in moisture, so lips stay smooth. Non-bleeding / non-feathering color defines and shapes lips even without a lip liner. Instantly releases rich color with creamy/sequined/shimmery texture’
I don’t know about the Vit E or Jojoba part and I didn’t see hydration per se. But this lipstick does feel very smooth on lips. The color applies beautifully, it almost glides over lips.
In fact, this is so creamy that when I was in India I had to save this in my Fridge to avoid melting.
That was one reason why I couldn’t get to use this lipsticks much, cos I couldn’t take them out with me L
Staying power is not  very great but then I don’t expect much from such a creamy lipstick.
There is no taste, but the scent is a bit weird. I don’t know how to put it, it doesn’t offend me but I prefer my lipsticks to have a very natural scent like flowers or fruits.
Regarding the claim of non-feathering, I didn’t experience any but then to actually put that to test I would have to try a darker shade like a Red.

How I wear this color: As with all nudes, I prefer to try the  ‘Apply –Blot – Apply – Blot-Apply thin’ and lip gloss formula with this one as well.
I find that it makes the color more wearable and lasting.

This is definitely an office wear or a day wear color. The peach tones makes it suitable for many skin shades but as with all such nude shades, make sure your makeup is perfect.

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