Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spring Colors: Avon Extra Lasting Lipsticks in shade Mauve Ice and Lasting Cherry

Spring for me means nice pretty colors everywhere and that = Shades of Pink and Coral :) Out with all the dark shades of winter and in with all the colors that can be called 'cute'.

I am reviewing 2 shades from Avon's Extra Lasting lipstick range - one is from their Perfect wear collection. I dont really see much difference in the product, so here it goes.

Avon's website says: "24-hour comfortable wear! Formulated with Colorlock Complex – locks on color. High-definition color infused with vitamin E and wheat protein. Keeps lips from feeling dry for 24 hours." 

Ahem...Avon dearest, I know you make some good lipsticks, I know you wanna try and stay on top but isn't this a lil tooo outrageous? Are you expecting me to believe that you actually found some poor lady to try and test this lipstick for 24hour stay? Come on, we consumers may not be rock scientists, but we do have some sense you know!

Anyways I am leaving out nonsensical claims and sticking to what Avon is really trying to say i.e. this is a long wearing lipstick that wont dry you lips.

My Experience

Mauve Ice is actually not a mauvish shade; it is a pinkish shade with blue under tones that if worn in full intensity, would better suit ladies with cooler skin tones.  Lasting Cherry is a coral red shade that can appear more pinkish on non-pigmented lips but more reddish on pigmented lips. Both are fairly universal shades. Both lipsticks are very pigmented and can easily be applied with full intensity in 2 swipes. On lips, it gives a Satin finish; it does stain the lips and does not have any strong scent or taste.

Okay, 1st of all, this ain't very long wearing. Not unless you are on a diet and has sworn not to eat anything heavy. Since this lipstick doesn't transfer drinking doesn't affect it but the best wear-time I got with some normal soup-salad intake is 3-4 hours. Which is wayyyyy less than the 24hr claim made by Avon. May be the newer product has better lasting power, but still I don't expect much difference. To be honest, unless it is a tint, I don't really trust or want lipsticks that stay that long on lips - imagine the kind of harsh chemicals that would be used to get such strong color!

Also this has shimmer- not very evident or harsh but if you hate shimmer then this is not for you.

I have got the Bad out, I am going to talk about the Good.  Both the lipsticks moisturizes lips very well. Unless you have very dry lips, or its really harsh weather outside, you dont need lip balms. 

Now here is the deal - these lipsticks work really well over lip balms. Sometimes, lipsticks especially ones as creamy or as pigmented as these lipsticks are, dont go well over lip balms. But these ones do! The only thing is, wearing a lip balms slightly sheers out the color and gives a more lip butter effect.

How I wear this:  For such pigmented shades, I don't usually apply them directly from the tube, unless I am going for the fullest intensity. I use a concealer brush to build the color.

For Spring and summer, I prefer to wear this with a lip balm under neath to make it slightly sheer; I also apply a peachy lip gloss to add a hint of freshness to the shades.

Overall: These are pretty nice lipsticks; not must haves but if you like highly pigmented non-drying satin finish lipsticks that don't hurt your pocket, give this range a try.

Price from Avon website is $12 CAD but Avon always has some sales or other.
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