Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Worth the Hype? Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid - Red Velvet

I don't know exactly when I started hearing about Lime Crime - I think may be sometime in 2012. I have always wanted to try their lipsticks, but I couldn't find it online for sometime [I prefer not to shop from online stores when the shipping cost exceeds product cost!]. 

I kept seeing all these reviews and videos that claimed this was THE ONE lip product; some blogger even claimed she's found her HG & is never going to use anything again [Humpphh...really?]. So I was really trying to find this lippie, at least to check f the hype is worth it.

So when I discovered that nailpolishcanada.com -they ship free within Canada, awesome right? - had this Lime Crime Velvetines back in stock, I didn't wait much before I jumped in and got my shade. 

From Lime Crime's website: "Ground breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch proof, transfer proof, long wearing and utterly addictive"

Price: $20 USD, Vegan & Cruelty Free [YAY!!] 

And what I think..

Lets take a moment to admire the gorgeous red packaging. Just look at it. The rose print, the frosted translucent casing with a red cap with the unicorn design- how pretty everything is! This is one of those lippies that you would love to pull out at a swanky mall restroom for touch-ups :)

I can't say if it is a ground breaking or heaven-smashing or whatever formula. But I do agree with everything Lime Crime says - it applies liquid, it dries to a super matte finish, it is almost [not quite] touch proof, pretty well transfer proof, long wearing [full color intensity on for at least 3-4 hours with food & drinks] and addictive [hmmm, okay, whatever!]
Red Velvet is a beautiful Hollywood Red - the glamorous vintage everlasting ever-so-chic Red and so I love it. Well who doesn't love a great red lippie!

The color applies full on with a single swipe. If you are not a fan of bold lips then stay away - cos this is not a lippie you can apply sheer; trust me, I tried, it didn't work very well!Once the color starts fading, there is some patchiness but the stain remains for a long time.

Now here is the thing - no disagreements on the awesomeness of the lippie, so if you love this and wont hear a word against it, I am sorry with what I am about to add below, don't eat me. But these are some features I didn't care for in this lip color:

- Hard to remove - I tried with oil, with wet wipes, with makeup removers and after making my lips almost blue, I got the color completely out. So, I highly doubt if I will be using this daily!

With 1 and 1/2 swipe over the lips - look at the awesome pigmentation!

- A bit too matte? - I may be alone in this complaint, but its a bit too matte, even for my normally hydrated lips. It highlights all the lines and I keep feeling like any time, my lips are going to crack open. I can only imagine how bad this may be on a dry lip!

- Borrringgg shades- I love this shade, I really do. But I do feel that for a brand that takes pride in uniqueness and out of the way lip colors, the shade range for this product is pretty much Meh! 

-I am Nitpicking now - slightly weird texture - Again, it may be just me. But the texture of this is a bit uncomfortable for me cos it feels  like a paint or something pretty chemically. I am someone who loves lip colors that feel comfortable & light weight. This is light weight, but well not so comfortable for me.

Medusa's Makeup Lip Gloss in Bite Me over the Velvetine

Other than that - no harsh scent, no irritation and no particular taste. 

Overall: I am going to keep this aside for parties, functions, long trips etc, cos this ain't something I am going to wear every day. But I do so love the color and the product [to an extent]. I am planning to check the Carousel glosses next as I have heard nice things about it :)

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