Friday, June 06, 2014

Spring Colors: Essence Stay With Me Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Pretty Witty & Giveaway Update!

I have found quite a lot of reasons why Essence is now my favorite Drugstore Brand; this lip gloss is yet another reason why Essence should offer World wide shipping so makeup lovers everywhere can discover them.

From Essence Website:
in the mood for gloss: attractive shades with shimmer pigments ensure longlasting and shiny lip color and beautiful highlights. the special shape of the applicator ensures easy application. 

As with most Essence products, this gloss is around $3 CAD. 
Why I love this gloss:

When I use a lip gloss, I expect a pigmented glossy lip color that makes my lips look fuller, juicier and well - a bit more perfect. Essence totally got that concept right with this gloss. 

Pretty Witty  is a semi-sheer nicely pigmented Pinkish shade that has loads of blue tones in it. Intensity can be built upon and the glossy finish stays for around an hour after which it starts to fade. The color stays for another 2-3 hours without food or drinks. But the best part is, it leaves my lips hydrates and looking good with a li'l tint for another 2 hours.

This is one really awesome Spring-Summer lip gloss as its non-sticky which means your flyaway loose hair is safe. No harsh scent, no strong taste.

If I have any complaints, its on how few shades are available in this gloss range. Come on, Essence-  we need this baby in our lives. Give us more shades. More finishes. More, more more..

Packaging and other stuff:
This gloss packaging is nice. Its not the best but it does the thing - it lets you see the color before buying. 
The applicator is good and easy to use. 
I like the soft feel of it.


You need this. You will love this. Your pocket will love this. So go ahead and send a mail to Essence asking them for global shipping and more n more shades:) 

 A Quick Giveaway Update

I have selected my Giveaway Winners through Rafflecopter.
I will send the mails to the winners today & tomorrow.
I will wait for your response by Monday 9th 2014 10pm Toronto time.

If you won but didn't reply to my email by then, I am sorry but I will be selecting another winner for the same prize.
Once I get the final responses from the 2 winners, I will announce the names publicly on my blog and in my FB giveaway page. 

And well.. you know if you didn't win, I am sorry dears but there will be other giveaways [expect one soon! :)].

               As my subscribers, you will get
 - Additional 10 entries to any future giveaways
  - A special Thank You gift if you're the winner in addition to the announced Giveaway prizes

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