Friday, October 10, 2014

Memebox Unboxing - #12

Memebox strikes again... :) This is Memebox #12..once again, this is not a review, just what I got in this box. 

I usually prefer to get a themed box, rather than a generalized one like this. 
However, this one has some quite interesting products.


While I am sure hair removal is something we all do, I'm not really sure why this was in this box... I mean, I couldn't find anything innovative about it and I've no particular desire to use a Korean hair remover.

Another thing that bugged me was that - this box had 2 hair products...but no makeup. I'd have preferred at least 1 makeup product instead of 2 hair treatments! 

This nail polish is the most exciting product in this box for me... it seems like a copy cat of the Ciate polishes, but its sooooooo cewwwwwtt :)

Overall, out of the 7 products, I am happy about 5 which is a pretty decent number. Yayyyyy for Memebox!

If anyone is interested in Memebox, here is October $5 coupon code: AU1Z
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