Monday, February 06, 2012

Review: Online shopping experience with

Beauteboutique is an online store which was introduced to me through an article in IMBB for Anna Andre lip liner.

Beauteboutique [tough name!!] carries some foreign brands like:
·         Makeup: Anna Andre Paris
·         Perfume: Anna Andre Paris, Arrogance, Vincent Valentine etc
·         Skin Care: Byphasse, Catena, Dead Sea Mineral, eveline, Majestic Luxury London
·         Hair Care: Byphasse

Since I have never heard of these brands before I did a quick research and got the following links for the products:

Anna Andre Paris: [not a very good website!]

I must say I was intrigued enough to try out the brands, and since I was testing it out I decided to go for some safe options in makeup.
I picked up the following items:
1 Makeup kit worth 325 INR

1 Deluxe crème lipstick
I was pleasantly surprised to note that they send me a kajal pencil [nice one] as a gift for the 1st order.

They have not specified any shipping charge waivers in the website.
I wish they would design their website better.
1 major con was that the makeup products did not have the shades listed!!!
I send an email to their customer care and was happy to receive a quick reply with the shade card attached which I am adding here for reference

I have no idea why they have not added this shade card at least in their website.
They send the products through speed post which reached me quick enough.
Overall, I am okay with the shopping website but not impressed.
Their website design needs attention and details and the payment options are also not that impressive.

Also, I am not able to check online about the reviews of this brand so I am trying the products out.
So far I am very happy with the makeup kit, will review the 3 items soon J
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