Thursday, March 13, 2014

What not to buy! Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

This is a rant post. I used this product today & yesterday and after screaming at my mirror [thankfully it didn't break] I immediately took some pics and decided to post this today.

Okay,here is my question to Tresemme -When you buy a dry shampoo aimed for fine oily hair, it is supposed to make your hair 1.) more oily and sticky  2) Dry ?

Wondering about that one? Well, here is another - What is the purpose of Dry shampoos ?
1. To keep scalp and hair neat & dry for days with no-rinsing
2. To make scalp and hair more oily and sticky so people look at you and think 'hey, get a wash'
3. Waste buyer's money by doing nothing and adding chemicals to the scalp

If you thought,  Well its obvious, its 1, Tresemme thought 2 and 3. I really cant see any other reason why they would think this is a good dry shampoo to be put on market. This from a brand who delivers pretty awesome hair care product! Makes you wonder, whom to trust!

What this dry shampoo didn't do -
It didn't give a dry clean neat feeling to my scalp. It didn't make my hair less funky. It didn't give a fresh look to my hair.

What this dry shampoo does -
It made my scalp itchy, oily all day. My scalp felt heavy and I could actually feel my hair becoming lanky and droopy. It made me feel guilty for buying 2 on sales when I could have just got Batiste for the price.

Overall - Dont dont dont pls dont buy this shampoo! Buy Batiste, buy Klorane or wash your hair!

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