Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Young Discovers Youthopia lipstick in shade Petal 323

I thought I would round up today's blog posts with the review of my favorite nude lipstick - yes, I have a favorite nude lipstick, in spite of my lack of trust in nude shades.. :)

This is from Young Discovers Youthopia- a desi brand with a unique take on cosmetics, I will be reviewing their foundation soon. You can know more about the brand here

I was amazed to find a lipstick that claimed to contain ghee [clarified butter] and didnt believe it for a second, but one whiff of the lipstick - and I am transported to my mom's kitchen while she is making my favorite ghee sweet. I have a sweet spot for this lipstick just for that 1 point. Pretty sure, this scent will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.. :)

The bullet size is shorter than normal lipstick bullet size and I personally like it. The black casing is sleek and shiny - however I do wish companies will use the casing/packaging to indicate the color of lippy inside.

Its supposed to be a patented product and I like that they have added a wide range of shades. I decided to test this and just got 1 shade, a decision which I regret now that I am abroad and cannot get hands on more of these goodies.

The ingredients are really good and I like the way it applies on my lips. It is a bit waxy but as you apply it gets smoother and gives a nice even layer pretty easily. The color is creamy nude-ish pinkish brown with a red under tone. On my lips, due to underlying violetish pigmentation it shows up as a pinkish nude, but on fairer lips it might be a peachy nude. This is one nude shade that I would say will suit Indian skin tones- nudes usually look good only on very-fair to fair complexions and on very even skin tones and require superb makeup. Even with this shade, I apply a light layer of brownish or pinkish gloss for a brightening effect.

Dry lips needs lip balm before you apply this lipstick but it is not drying as such and doesnt settle in fine lines. It doesnt stay much long, only around 1-2 hours but then the company doesnt claim that it will. In fact, I like that the brand stresses on the goodness of the ingredients and the claims are in line with the effect of these ingredients - a refreshing change from many brands with tall claims!

I like their lipstick and the foundation, I hope they will add more products to their range like blushes etc.

Will I re-purchase: Of course, as soon as I get a chance.

Review: Physicians Formula Needle-Free Plump Potion Plumping Lipstick in shade Mauveberry Potion 1166

Physicians Formula is one of the cruelty-free brands I am interested in trying out while abroad. Its available in many local stores, but I rarely find any interesting lip products but their bronzers/blushers etc look interesting enough.
I got this one from a local bargain sale and when I checked in PF website, I found that it was no longer listed. However you can learn more about the product here.
This is whats mentioned about the product in Drugstore website:
Instant Results! in 60 Seconds
  1. Instant Plumping Effect
  2. Instant Shaping & Contouring
  3. Instant Hydrating & Smoothing
Younger, Smoother & Fuller Looking Lips with Continued Use!
  • High Color Impact!
  • Long-Lasting Wear!
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance Free
  • Dermatologist Approved
  • Instant Plumping Effect
Needle-Free Results Instantly!
  • Fuller, plumper looking lips without painful injections or harsh irritating ingredients in only 60 seconds!
  • Instant and long-term effects with visible and dramatic results.
  • Younger-looking, smoother lips over time.
3x Effect
  1. Instant Effect!
    Lips appear fuller in 60 seconds
  2. Instant Effect!
    Redefines Lip Shape & Contour Instantly
  3. Instant Effect!Hydrates & Smoothes Lips Instantly
Our Secret Cocktail RecipeUnique, high-tech cocktail of non-irritating ingredients instantly transforms lip's appearance, contour, size and color.
  • Dehydrated Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres - immediately smooth lip surface and rehydrate the skin creating a barrier to keep moisture locked in.
  • Instaplump™ PF - exclusive blend of patented ingredients, creates a more colorful and voluptuous appearance for enhanced definition.
  • Active Tri-Peptide Blend - known to boost natural collagen production, helps lips appear fuller for a long-term effect.  With regular use lips feel softer and appear smoother and younger, fine lines seem to disappear.
Beauty Meets Science
  • Richly pigmented formula delivers long-lasting high-color impact and shine.
  • Moisture-rich, cushiony smooth texture provides comfortable all day wear.
  • Lips look and feel fuller, smoother, sexier!
Made in USA from domestic and foreign parts.
Here is my experience with the product:
Its good, looks nice but nothing special, though I like the pink casing better than the boring black.
As with all products you get abroad, this one also has no expiry dates mentioned. The ingredient list is both impressive and long.
I didnt expect much from it, I am not a fan of tall claims of 'plumping' etc etc, but I am quite impressed by this lipstick. I dont know much about the claim of plumping effect or whether it actually worked for anyone, but I could definitely notice a very smooth glossy look on my lips even without any gloss or lip balm added. 
The color is a nice mauvish pink shade that barely suits my complexion and would look better on women of fairer skin. Its definitely not a shade I'd recommend for darker skins.
I have a pretty decent lip shape so I dont know about the claim of instant contouring etc, but this one doesnt feather, doesnt need lip liner/gloss and kept my lips pretty well moisturised for around 1-2 hours. The color is not deeply pigmented, more sheer in application but can be built and lasts for around 2-3 hours and leaves a pretty tint on fading.
The fragrance is mildly minty and refreshing -I like it!
Suggested Makeup and Setting:
Any occasion, for party/events use with a gloss for an extra effect. For formal occasion, use with a darker shade lip pencil to give a more contoured effect.
Face: Keep it light and simple with highlighted cheeks [dont go for pinkish shades].
Eyes: Highlight eyes with a smoky eye effect to go with the smooth lips for a formal setting or go with a golden/silver/copper eye look for party
Repurchase? I would have definitely liked to try a more flattering shade, but unfortunately this is discontinued.. :( :( 

Review: Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipstick in shade Dark Wine 522A

I am constantly amazed by the fact that sometimes the random-est purchases prove out really good while purchases made with much care & effort doesn't end up looking that great. This is especially true for me w.r.t makeup purchases.


I got this lipstick as a random purchase at the local convienience store, they had an offer running for purchases above 50$ and I took this randomly off the shelf along with couple of brushes from E.L.F. I had read about some Wet n Wild lipstick reviews when I was in India & I'd seen this in local Walmarts but somehow never got into the mood for purchasing them.

Check the product details at Wet n Wild website here

Courtesy: Wet n Wild website

One main reason could be the boring grey-silver plastic packaging -that seems pretty universal whether you're buying it from India or abroad! It costs around 2-3$ here, and can get cheaper if on offer.

The lipstick has a slight fruity fragrance which I basically like- somehow I prefer a light fragrance than a completely non-scented one- makes me feel like I am using a cosmetic product as opposed to a medical one! The ingredient list is printed but the expiry date is not given as with many cosmetic products- it is a serious nuisance! I usually do a guess work for such products by throwing it out 1 year after I bought it.

Enough of the cons - just look at the color - aint that a beauty!!! I just love it, love it, love it! If you look at the website bullet color [given above] you might not like it much as it looks a shocking shimmery pink. But it is so not shimmery and the brown-based pink shade is really good, for fair-medium-wheatish complexions. I doubt if it would flatter a darker skin as these kinda shades makes darker complexions look dull, but this is especially good for those of us with medium-fair complexions.

The lipstick applies beautifully, it justifies the name 'Silky Finish' and gives a beautiful creamy look in just 1 swipe [look at the swatch above]. It brightens up my face in an instant and it is pretty good with light face makeup as it brings attention to lips taking focus off the problem areas in face. Just one word of caution - make sure your lips are exfoliated and you have applied some lip balm as it can settle in fine lines and can also dry off on your lips. It is not exactly moisturising on lips as the company claims.

It gives a magenta-ish blue-toned pink shade on my lips but then lip colors vary from lips based on underlying lip pigmentation, so on clearer lips the brown tones may be more visible. If you're very fair skinned, I suggest using this color lightly as it can be a strong color. Its not exactly a wine color as Red-tones are not very prominent, so I wouldnt suggest this for a formal setting.

Suggested Makeup and Setting:
Informal Casual[not party or event] setting, evening/night wear

Face: Use a bronzer or brown-toned blusher. Do not use pink shades as you can look like Barbie's cousin.. :)

Eyes: Go for highlighted eyes - use gold, silver, bronze shades preferably without any shimmer or glitter. A metallic eye makeup in the above shades would suit wine shades on lips really good. If you are very fair skinned, I would suggest a light bronze color eye makeup, with a dark brown eye liner.

Would I buy again- I like this color, I like the lipstick but I am not a faithful shopper unless the product impresses me reallllyyyy well.. :)

Review: Chambor Truly Lasting lipstick in shade Truly Terracotta 911

Today I am reviewing a staid color - Truly Terracotta from Chambor's Truly Lasting lipstick collection. You can read all about the collection here

The color is displayed as shown below in Chambor website.

Courtesy: Chambor website

You can buy this range online from at around 530 INR. I have not tried this shade in store nor do I have any other shades from this range. I got this one from Ankita [Corallista] on blog sale and  you can click on the link to check her review.

The bullet design is interestingly shaped but in the same old old boring black. That's one thing I liked about Deborah Milano's lipstick which I reviewed yesterday. I wish companies would try different colors, come on, we girls like fun! One big complaint here again is that expiry date is not mentioned, nor is the ingredient list given. Its very frustrating especially when you're spending 500-600 bucks to buy a product which you're not sure is expired or not! And considering we are putting this on our mouth, companies should be more responsible about such factors :(

The lipstick is a slim bullet and nicely shaped for easy application . I like the design very much. The color is a rich creamy toffee/coffee brownish shade that applies very smoothly.

It has a very coconutty scent that reminds me of some coconut based sweets I have tasted as a kid but honestly I would have preferred no scent or a fruity scent. It doesnt last long for me, so I really dont get the "Truly Lasting" part. Its a nice creamy lipstick which in itself kinda negates the "lasting" part, it stays around 2hours max for me without any heavy eating or drinking. Especially, if like me you apply a lip balm, then make sure you do the "apply once -bloat once - apply again-bloat again- apply again" technique to get a better staying coating.

The good thing is the pigmentation you get in 1 swipe [as you can see from the image], it immediately gives a nice creamy look on lips and I just love it. My lips are at times darkly pigmented so it helps that this lipstick gives a nice heavy coating in 1 swipe and doesnt settle into fine lines.

The color is good for office wears and on days you are feeling quite non-adventurous & would like to play safe. It is an all-skin-color type of lipstick and though at times, it makes me feel a bit nanny-ish I like it. 
Make sure, your makeup is purrrrfect to go with this lipstick else it might highlight your problem areas.

Face makeup suggested: Formal office look with basic foundation/concealing and earthy-tones blusher [make sure its flawless]
Eye makeup suggested: Basic black smoky eye with a deeper twist for emphasis on eyes. Eyes should be your highlight with this lip color.

Will I buy again: I don't know, the price seems a bit steep and I like trying new shades and new brands but this is a nice one if you like sticking with a basic brown color from a nice brand.
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