Sunday, August 24, 2014

What not to buy: J Cat Beauty The Big Pencil in Red Rose BLP 203

I got this with an Ipsy bag and I remember thinking that its a nice color of red. 
So some weeks ago, when I was searching for a good red lippie, I decided to try this one out. 

This was quite easy to apply like all chubby lip crayons. 
Red Rose is a cool toned blue based red which comes off beautifully on lips.
This is very pigmented and gives full color in 1-2 swipes. 

So far everything is good. You must be wondering - well, why is it a poo then?
This lip color fades off in the WORST ever possible way. 

After wearing this for an hour or two, my 'Never-observes-anything-about-mah-wifey' husband turned to me and said, 'What the hell are you wearing? Clean it up immediately'.
Once I recovered from the shock of hearing my husband comment about my appearance without any prompting, I checked in the mirror. 

All the color had transferred either to the edges of my lips, or the center or to my teeth.
I cant tell you how weird and crazy it made me look.
The worst part was, the color stained my lip contours so much that it was a headache to remove.

Well, Ididnt want to condemn this lipstick after just 1 try - so I tried it once more, this time to the local grocery store.
I did everything I know to stop the color bleeding, including layering with a bit of powder. 

After about 1 hour in the store [yes, I like shopping :)], the sales girl leaned over and whispered - 'errr Ma'am, about your lipstick..'
I sighed and took out the wet wipes I'd taken just in case...

I tried using this as a blush - but it stains weirdly.
So basically this is a useless product for me. 
If you have this and it works for you, let me know how!
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