Monday, June 11, 2012

Review and Swatches: Colorstreet lipstick in shade 130

There is a saying about finding a diamond in the rough.. That was my feeling when I got this wonderful lippies for a price for just 50INR! Unbelievable right?

I got these from a beloved website of mine: I seriously admire the way they refresh their product catalogue so often and add such interesting products.

These lippies are packaged in a sad murky brown plastic casing, but hey! who cares so long as the stuff inside is good eh? And I guess I am happy that for 50Rs, they decided to cut costs on the packaging instead of the quality.

There is not much information in terms of maker, ingredients etc, except that they say that no animal fat is added. Great! :)

Notwithstanding the ugly golden plastic casing, the lippie bullet looks good and thankfully doesnt smell of harsh chemicals etc that cheap lippies usually remind me of!

Shade 130 is a beautiful pinkish brown shade that is darker in bullet but goes very smooth on application. It swatches beautifully and doesnt dry out my lips. The color is a nice finish, it doesnt leave any bad stains and in terms of color staying effect is comparable to high end lippies.

I love these lippies, not for daily wear since I cannot trust them on my lips that much, but for occasional wear and for trying out new shades and finally, I love buying lippies and these dont burn my pocket while filling my heart with content.. :)

I suggest all you college gals out there, try these- fits your budget and lets you experiment.. :)

Review and Swatches: Vedic Line Plus BB Cream

Here is another cream that I bought on experiment basis after yielding to my shopaholic tendencies...Vedic Line Plus is a a "plus" series [honestly, why the plus part?] from Vedic Line. I love most of the VL products I have, I dont care for their gold moisture serum which I reviewed here

I got this almost as soon as they were launched online. It costs around around 250, should be less online. The packaging is very pretty, a girly pink+yellow combination that immediately catches eye.

I found their explanation written here ridiculous! What is this supposed to mean? Vedic Line + is from word Ayurveda? Anyways, the packaging is overall very attractive.

I love the fact that they do not test on animals nor do have any animal derivates.

Excuse the poor quality of pics.. I love that this is paraben free, mineral oil free and dermatologically tested.As to their other claims..well read on..

The tube is a rather less attractive shade of pink, wish it was a brighter pink. However it is very compact and light to carry around.

I think VL people have a problem understanding the product concept. I mean, they use the words Serum very loosely! How is this a serum? I do not know.

The product is a lightly thick tinted moisturising lotion that spreads quite easily and absorbs in around 40-60 secs. My skin is normal to oily and I live in a tropical region, so I guess this should get absorbed faster for dry skin or cooler climate situations.

It has a very pleasant fragrance and gave a nice natural glow to my skin. I am considering replacing my existing TM [Oriflame's Peach me perfect] with this one as this is paraben free and absorbs easier.

Looking at the pictures of my wrist before and after the BB cream application, I think its effects are pretty clear. This is a medium coverage tinted moisturiser in my opinion. I do not have any previous experience with BB creams, as I didnt and still do not believe in being "gori gori" [no its not sour grapes.. :)] as I feel it might be bad for skin, but from what I have read of BB creams, it is supposed to do a lot more than what this does. I did not find any serious change in my skin tone or any other effects that might be attributed to a BB cream effect.

On the other hand, this is a very good TM for daily use. This is going to be my HG TM for my daily makeup routine. I guess VL people just have to get their ideas right as their product quality is excellent, just the perspective is wrong! :)
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