Monday, January 13, 2014

Review and Swatches: Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick in Carnation 640

This is one of my 1st purchases from Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick range.  I have already reviewed this range in shades Peach Creme and Orchid Kiss. So I am not going to do a full range review here but let me say - I absolutely love this lipstick range.

Carnation is a bright coral shade with tints of red and brown. This is one color that would look so out of season if you wear them anytime between Oct - Feb, as this is a pure spring-summer shade. It is perfect for a casual day at beach or when you go off for a walk at your favorite park.


However, word of caution -  this color can easily show everything you did wrong with your makeup as this color needs perfect even skin tone finish. So if you have skin pigmentation or darkening around lips [ I suffer from this :(] make sure that your concealer is applied perfectly.

I like to use this as a lip stain as I find it hard to carry it off always in full cream finish. Since this a bright color, I'd advise to go easy on eye makeup. For blush, try using this lippie to get that fresh summer look.

Review and Swatches: FACES Cosmetics Lip Color in 11( Natalia) and 330 (Catherine)

I got these lipsticks from FACES store at Brookfield Mall in Coimbatore; I couldn't find these online in FACES Indian website or in any online store in India but these lipsticks were available through FACES cosmetics' Canada website. Anyways I got this for around INR 250-300 [dont remember exactly].

I liked the packaging of these lippies - such a change from the drab black cases. And these are smaller in size than many. The lip color applies very smoothly and provides full color in a single swipe. This lippies have a very unique finish - it is not all creamy, it is not all glossy, its somewhere in between.

I loved these lippies but unfortunately I found that I couldn't carry off these colors very easily. I cant explain why cos these are really lovely colors -but somehow I wore these very sheered out or layered under a more darker shade.

I wish I'd gotten at least one darker shade from this range. I am visiting Dufferin Mall here in Toronto soon, where FACES Cosmetics has a counter so may be if I find this I will get it.

FACES Lip Color in Natalia - Shade no 11

Natalia - a Bright coral Red
Look at that glossy finish!

FACES Lip Color in Catherine- Shade no 330

Catherine is a reddish orange with brown tints

Left - Natalia, Right - Catherine
 3 Coral Lipsticks from my collection

Left - Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick in Carnation, Center- Natalia, Right- Catherine

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