Friday, December 30, 2011

Fast clean and effective hair wash? Try KP namboodiri's Ayurvedic Antidandruff Shampoo

I saw this when I was browsing a local store and KP Namboodiri’s is an old brand known for tooth products so I thought why not!

I am very happy I did cos this costs just under 20rs and gives atleast 15-20 super clean fresh hair washes.
I don’t think its very effective against dandruff for long term but then unless it’s a treatment I doubt if anything is that effective!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aroma Magic Beautiful Skin blended oil - My latest Love!

Beautiful Skin Oil
(Skin Rejuvenation)

Blended Skin Oil

Rejuvenates the skin, diminishes fine lines on face & neck & makes it firm & smooth. For normal & aged skin

Quick Overview
Aromatherapy Oil for complete skin rejuvenation.
The oil enhances the growth of new cells and helps diminish appearance of fine lines on face & neck. It works as a skin vitalizer, which restores youthful radiance and makes skin smooth and silky.
How to Use
Cleanse face & neck and then apply 4-5 drops of oil. Use every day in morning and at night.

I just love love love this oil.. I decided to start on aromatherapy recently after seeing a friend who is totally glowing now, post trying all hoolas with oils and massages and everything. I use this in various forms:
-          directly on my face at night after warming it up between my fingers
-          mixed in the water I use for doing steaming
-          mixed in face packs and creams
-          mixed with olive/coconut oil for a face massage.. [this is the most effective one!]
The effect is just awesome. I had some marks on my face due to a recent allergic reaction, which totally faded and my skin looks tighter and younger [which is a big deal now that I am on the wrong side of 25 L]. Also the fragrance is so refreshing….. I just love em..

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Mango Delight

I have a love hate relationship with Jordana.
I hate hate hate [no words enough] their horrible quickliner for eyes.
But then I do love their blushes [will be reviewing soon] and this one.

It is a fun product. Check my review in IMBB here:


Some FAQs and personal experience on Glycolic peels

I had recently written an article in IMBB on Glycolic peels.
Please check it here if you plan to do one and wish to avoid some rookie mistakes [Which I didL]


Faces Canada Moisture Rich lipstick in shade First Lady

I absolutely loves FACES Canada brand. They come up with some nice product ideas and they have superb shades in their range also.
Another best thing is their range is available in most online shopping websites:,,,,,

I picked this one on offer from and I love this.
This has got to be the most creamiest lippie I have ever tried.
It is so creamy that it melts almost like the NYX ones.

Price is around 349 INR but you can get it for 270+ on offer through various sites.

Enjoy the pictures.

I love the transparent bottom showing the color but I wish some indication was also available in the top cover as well.

Check the melted tip .. L

Neha has reviewed this in IMBB. Check it here:

I am planning to buy more stuff from this range… Love em!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Online shopping experience with

Online shopping experience with
After moving to a small town area post marriage, I stay far far away from the nearest shop where if I ask for a lip balm, people will give me Tiger balm! L No kidding, happened to me. So most of my shopping is now restricted to online and I am very very happy that our e-commerce world is expanding very nicely.
Recently I had to buy baby shower gifts online from and I noticed that they had a sister site, I was reminded of websites like apothica and drugstore which have more than 1 site within site, so people can buy different items from the 1 location. I really liked the concept and the website is also designed nicely enough.
However, checking recently I found that they have not updated their brand listings but they have added some products from various nice companies like bodyshop, bioline etc.
This is how their order history page looks like:
They have a detailed order page with the tracking details mentioned.
The best part I liked was they provided free shipping [ a nice deal considering even UT now made free shipping only for 300+ orders] and they have COD option for INR 200+ orders as well, which is a boon for 1st time buyers.
Now the only gripe I had was with AFL courier people who took around 1 week+ to deliver this to me! However, the CSR at called me and assured me that he will track it and close it and was closely following if and when I received this. So additional marks for good Customer care.
This is how the package came.
This came in a cardboard box similar to healthkart and fashionandyou packaging. I don’t mind this packaging but I do wish the cover was more weather-proof. The logo was clearly printed on both sides. The invoice was pasted over the front of the box, which I kind of wish they didn’t as I don’t want to advertise all the products I buy to the courier personnel! A copy of the invoice was also kept in the box.

All the products inside were bubble wrapped nicely and came without any damage.
On the whole, I found the experience was okay, but I will definitely ask them to try another courier for my city!
On the whole, this is a promising website and I hope they will expand it and make it interesting for buyers. J

Online shopping experience with

I was lamenting the lack of a wider variety of makeup products online when I happened to stumble across this website and I couldn’t believe my luck. The sheer variety of makeup brands took my breath away [they have recently added Givenchy!!!!!]  I have seen medplus medical outlets but I was still apprehensive about buying from this website as I couldn’t find any reviews of this website anywhere. Still, I was tempted to check this website out and here is my experience.
This is how the website looks:
This is their order details page. I couldn’t find the tracking number in the website but they send me an email with the tracking details.

They provide free shipping for orders above 300 and so I tested the waters by ordering some stuff that will get me free shipping. J  They have COD offer only within Hyderabad for now, but I hope they will extend it to the rest of India as well.
They send the package via Bluedart and it promptly reached me the 3rd day. This is how the package looked. The logo was printed on all sides of the cardboard box.
All the items were bubble wrapped together and they also left an invoice copy inside.
The best thing IMHO is the range of brands this website provides. I was so happy to see most of the Bourjois products, Diana of London and some other brands which I couldn’t find locally. I do wish they’d add some sales and discounts and offers etc, but they have a value point system in place, which I am not very sure of. 
Another good thing is the makeover application they have [see the snap shot]. I got a Tips and Toes luster lipstick based on the shade the model was wearing but unfortunately it turned out much darker than the shade in the picture [but thankfully a nice shade for winter, so I am okay!].

On the whole, this is another website I am gonna watch out for and I hope they will add more sales offers  and make it interesting for buyers. J

Monday, December 05, 2011

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