Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What not to buy: Du Wop Prime Venom Lip Plumping balm

Since I have very plump lower lips and very thin upper lip [ a most weird & sad combo] I don't really need any help from a lip plumper to increase the odd effect. However, when I saw this on sale at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, curiosity prompted me to get them to give it a try.

As you already got from the title, I am not a fan of it and let me try to explain why; if this is something you love, don't feel bad, just think of it as bad taste on my part :)

What Du Wop says about Prime Venom:
Plump, prime and condition your lips with DuWop's newest addition, Prime Venom. DuWop has created the first matte finish plumping balm infused with the now famous Lip Venom formula.

Prime Venom is a satin matte lip balm that leaves your lips supple and conditioned while acting as a primer to help lipsticks go on smoother and last longer.

Now you can have the venom tingle and plumping even when you don't want the shine. Worn under lipstick or gloss, Prime Venom leaves the lips conditioned, fuller and smoothes out the fine lines that can stop lip color from looking its best. Prime Venom also flushes the lips with natural color so that you don't have to wear lipstick at all if you choose not to.

Price - Approx $22CAD for 2.2gms.

My Experience:

1st of all, the scent - oh my god! It reminded me of some oil gone bad. Now, to be very honest, there is a chance that the product may have been on the shelf for a longer time to make the scent go putzzz.. but still! Gak!! I tried it on once or twice to see how it worked and have stayed away from it ever since. 

2nd and the last factor - I couldn't see any change except for some tingling sensation on my lips. In fact, its more of a slight burning sensation than a tingle, so may be someone with a more sensitive lips might not like it at all. However, the fact is, I couldn't see any noticeable difference at all. At least nothing to justify a $22 price tag.

If I want a plumper luscious lips, I'd rather load up on a nice lip gloss, than try something like this that feels pretty uncomfortable on lips.

Overall: Du Wop, I love you for being cruelty free; I did like your Private Red lipstick , so I hope that I'd definitely like something a bit more normal from your product range- may be those Lip Styxx.. but so sorry, I didnt like it, I wouldn't recommend it and I am not going to buy it again!

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